Ribbon Dancer



This was a fun zendala to make! I worked on one of Zentangle’s pre-strung round tiles. I’m working hard at learning patterns, trying to remember their names, and perfecting the steps. I’m still having trouble with circles – who knew! I’ve been drawing circles since I was little, but their roundness eludes me. So, I decided I need to work on patterns with lots of circles :).

I started with the paisleys in the center, then moved to the outer ring with the onamato. The name onamato sounds oriental to me, which led me to add the ribbons around the middle. I thought they looked oriental. Last, I added the variation of weave to connect the outer ring to the central paisleys/pais. I shaded some, still working on that, too. All in all, I’m very pleased with how this turned out. What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Ribbon Dancer

    • thanks, linda! it was a lot of fun and it came together fast – most of what i do doesn't come together fast as i'm learning – haha! thanks for visiting 🙂 and commenting!

  1. Nicely done with this template – have not tried that one yet – not sure I would like working with the narrow areas of the string, but I really like what you did with the ribbon and weaving very nice touch.

  2. Lovely! I love how you intertwined the ribbon into the betweed. I find that so difficult to do because you really have to plan ahead–not my strength.

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