Tangle All Around the World – Literally

Such exciting news to share today!!!!! But first I have to show you this:

Isn’t it beautiful??? And might I add – yayayay!!!!! Hahaha! If you have been following these posts you may already know this is a book I have been working on since December. Yes, you read that right. For nine months now but it’s been a real work of love! You already know all about my Facebook group Tangle All Around. Wait! Tangle All Around? and Tangle All Around the World? Could that be a coincidence? Nope! Not even close!

I have the best tangling group on Facebook! Hands down the absolute best! Originally I wanted to put together a book that featured all types of tangle patterns. Then I had the thought to ask one or two of my group members if they had patterns they would like me to include. And that thought mushroomed into a total of fifty members in my group – literally from all over the world – coming together and sending me patterns to include. I got everything from beautifully stepped out professional looking patterns to drawings on scraps of paper with the question – is this a pattern? And we guided each other along through the process until I ended up with 453 patterns designed by fifty members. And Tangle All Around the World was born. If you look at the map above you can see all the countries and states represented. And some of those pins represent more than one person. It was amazing!

Tangle All Around the World is book number six in the Artangleology Series. And it is the first strictly reference book. All you need to go with it is paper and pen.

I started with the basics – what tangling is and how you do it. Cause not everyone knows that already. And sadly while we worked on this book two of our contributors passed away. I began the book with a dedication to them and included their patterns. Imma gonna go cry now. This will give you a better idea of what is included. A little basic information then we jump straight into the fun stuff! Want to see some pages?

Some patterns include information telling where the name came from. Some pages include artwork – even some full page pieces of art! And there are various categories of patterns included.

Lots of room on the pages making it easy to see and understand exactly what to draw and in what order. Keeping the book black and white kept the price of the book down and affordable for everyone. No matter your tangling preferences there is sure to be a bunch of patterns in Tangle All Around the World just for you! Many of the contributors are Certified Zentangle Teachers actively teaching the art where they live. And there is plenty of beautiful artwork included. Are you a beginning tangler? This book is for you. Are you an advanced tangler? This book is also for you. There is plenty to keep tanglers at all levels engaged. And it comes from my tangle family – Tangle All Around. You can find us on Facebook by typing the name in the search box. And you can find our book on any Amazon around the world simply by typing the group name – Tangle All Around – directly into the Amazon search box. Pretty epic!

Big thank you to everyone who has already ordered a copy! I appreciate you so much!

Tangle All Around the World can be bought here

Save Those Old Gift Cards

Why? Hahaha! Well someone could always gift you with more money on that card – you never know. Right? But mostly save those old cards because you can put them to use in your art making!

Check out the top drawer of my desk. This is where I work each day and this drawer is to the right when I stand at my desk. Look at the lower left corner of the drawer at all those old cards. Old room key cards from hotels all over the country, old gift cards, old credit cards. I saved them for a long time and I have a pile of them now. (This isn’t even all of them!) And today I am going to show you one way you can use them.

I had a few minutes free while I waited for ‘the book’ to export and thought I’d put it to use making color. Cause you know me – that’s what I like! I pulled out these bottles of neon colors – fifty cents apiece at Walmart, an old room key card from the House of Mouse, and I grabbed one of my Dylusions Creative Journals.

I squeezed a drop of two different colors straight onto my work page. Then I used the side of the key card to scrape the color across the page. Here, let me show you . . .

. . . different project made at the same time – same key card. Just use the side to scrape the color – it works best for me if I pull the card towards me.

Back to my Dylusions book. Two colors – that’s all I used – the neon yellow and neon pink. And I just scraped till I liked the results. Super easy to make a color background this way!

Here it is all smoothed out. I tried to smooth any edges because I intend to tangle on this with a 01 Technical Pen from Zebra.

I liked the color range I got with the first page and wondered if that would change if I actually added the neon orange to the mix. So that’s what I did on the left hand page. Yellow, pink and orange. And scraped.

Up and down and side to side, loving the color, working those lines trying to smooth them down.

And this is how it turned out once it dried. Using this scraping technique actually speeds up the drying process because the paint is in a thin layer. Not thick like it could be if I had used a paint brush. Remember – on the right I used two colors – pink and yellow. On the left I added orange and it really made a difference. I was able to retain more of the pink color, with some highlights of orange and dabs of yellow. Fun! Now to tangle!

I hope to have some news for you very soon. Perhaps even before this post goes live. Hahaha! And that means you will read this post later than tomorrow. How is that for confusing???

Let’s Build a Mandala From Scratch

I was looking at an old cell phone and found this set of photos that I never posted. From back in December, 2014 – they are almost five years old. This is still one of my favorite pieces – mostly because of the sparkly color, hahaha! – but also because of how simply this mandala came together. Let’s look at it step by step.

My dear friend Sandy Hunter had mailed me some round mandala blanks and I really wanted to work on one. Fairly certain the color is Color Bloom Sprays from Prima because I was using those a lot back then. And, if you didn’t already know – I am totally about making life easier. My circle drawing skills just never really developed, so I cheat and use items around my house. I am fairly certain I used a roll of washi tape and traced the outer and inner circle for template lines here. That is a good starting point, then I tangled Zander inside that washi tape shape.

Around that I added two more pencil circles – most likely tracing small cups. Then added a simple band of flying geese without the lines.

Staying with the shape of the flying geese, I added a row of half moons. Super simple tangling. I didn’t know many patterns back then. And that is part of the point in this post – you do not need to know a lot of patterns to make a piece of art. Not even to make a mandala.

From there I just added some flux shapes extending outward from between the moons. This entire piece is about six inches in diameter.

Added auras inside the flux and a blackened orb between each of the flux. Nothing hard here at all.

Look at the difference between this photo and the one before. All of a sudden it looks busier and like it was more difficult to tangle. When all I did really was to add auras between the bottoms of each set of flux and a line and dot inside the flux itself. And boom! it looks harder! Just like magic!

From there I added a thick line of color around the entire outside, keeping to the shapes made by the orbs.

Finally you can see the shape of the mandala round tile. I have no idea why I took the photos the way I did cutting out the sides of the paper. Hahaha! I have learned a lot since then. Ok, flux and fescue added – those are easy to draw.

And little stacks of printemps. Even five years ago I was drawing printemps in my art. Hahaha! Who knew!

I liked how it looked at that point, but something was missing. I added some msst around the outer edges and connected the floating Zander piece to the rest of the mandala with some lines and called it done. Love, love , love! And it was so easy to put together. If you are a new tangler – you can totally do what I just showed you. I challenge you to make your own mandala. And if you are a more advanced tangler, you already know what I didn’t back then. Shading. Hahahaha! I don’t think I knew anything about shading five years ago. Today I would shade this piece but that doesn’t change how much I love it! Building a mandala from scratch? Not so scary when you take it one step at a time.

Prima Color Bloom Spray

Birds of a Feather

Regardless the country you live in – you have probably heard the saying birds of a feather flock together. Well, today I want to show you my flock. The art of my flock. Because every single person in my flock is special and deserves recognition. I am referring to my FB group Tangle All Around. Yes, you hear me talk about them all the time. Because they are that awesome! For the past two weeks we have been tangling feathers. I want to show you all the ones they gave me permission to share. It’s a long post and definitely worth your time. I promise!

Artwork by Aditi Parikh.

Artwork by Aga Forra.

Artwork by Aggie Hasselfield.

Artwork by Ana Maria Migone.

Artwork by Antara Bhattacharya.

Artwork by Beatriz Gasco.

Artwork by Brenda DeBock.

Artwork by Cécile Graat.

Artwork by Claudia PbnV.

Artwork by Colleen VanderLinden.

Artwork by Dawn George.

Artwork by Deb Bowmore.

Artwork by Deborah Prier.

Artwork by Erika Bonham Kehlet.

Artwork by Gayle Van Wagenen.

Artwork by Gypsy Black.

Artwork by Holly Eastabrook.

Artwork by Janine Weatherly.

Artwork by Jessica Hudson.

Artwork by Karen Collins.

Artwork by Karen Karstadt.

Artwork by Karen Langen Rushton.

Artwork by Karin Conklin.

Artwork by Karin Conklin.

Artwork by Kristin Esterberg Deceuninck.

Artwork by Lynda Scott Abbot.

Artwork by Maria Vennekens.

Artwork by Maxine Martin Erickson.

Artwork by Oriana Aguilar.

Artwork by Phillis Rosenthal.

Artwork by Rachel Foster.

Artwork by Randi Jameson.

Artwork by Rochelle Babb.

Artwork by Sarah Ibrahim.

Artwork by Seva Skevos.

Artwork by Sherri Lewis.

Artwork by Smita Toke.

Artwork by Smita Toke.

Artwork by Smita Toke.

Artwork by Summer Wright.

Artwork by Susan Olthof.

Artwork by Sylvie Lehaire.

Artwork by TC Carpenter.

Artwork by Tonia Docter.

Artwork by Tonia Docter.

Artwork by Tonje Strand Johnsen.

Artwork by Verena Bossert.

Artwork by Yvonne Dunmore.

Artwork by Zona Lewis Simonson.

Artwork by Judy Vodden.

Artwork by Φίλίνά Λϊνν Σάντάνδερ.

Artwork by 律光千尋‎.

Artwork by Priscilla DeConti.

Artwork by Katy Paul-Chowdhury

And that’s it. Weren’t they all beautiful? Some things to notice. There are all levels of tangling expertise represented. Beginners, more skilled and advanced. Everyone starts somewhere. Some feathers were black ink on white paper, one was white ink on black paper, many were in color. Some feathers were created on fancy watercolor paper, some on mixed media paper, some in journals or sketchbooks. Several were created on whatever the artist had on hand at the moment. You really can tangle anywhere with whatever supplies you have on hand. You don’t have to spend a lot of money in this art form. You can use whatever you have. Even if it is a pencil or a pen or a stick drawing in the dirt. It all works. And it is all magnificent.

Do you need a flock? A tangle flock? I would love to have you come join our FB group Tangle All Around and you can do that by clicking this link. You will need to answer three simple questions so I can tell you are a real live breathing person and not a computer hacking machine. Hahaha! The struggle is real, folks. But seriously, if you are even the slightest bit interested in the art style, come check us out. You will love my flock!