B&W ATCs From Austria

Last month I participated in an ATC swap in ATC Trades and Jams. The theme was black and white. I posted my ATCs here and a commenter asked me to show you what my swap partner sent to me. As a refresher, here are the ATCs I sent out.

Anything goes as long as it is black and white. No color. My swap partner lives in Austria – which is kind of cool all by itself. When would I ever get a chance otherwise to have some art from a new friend in Austria? Probably never. Well my package from Christina Bacher just arrived and it is pretty epic! Let me show you:

Christina is a tangle artist – just like me. Who knew? I love the florals and I swear I think I see my pattern Harlee Qwin in that one on the left. Beautiful work!

Christina also sent a few extras. Sorry about the one almost solid heart, hard to get a decent photo of it. I do love that fish and it is totally going to end up in a tangled underwater world in the next couple weeks. I already have a plan in mind. Want to see that card on the far right a little closer?

It’s a sampler of washi tape! What a super idea! I’ve already quizzed Christina about the backing she wrapped the tape around – it’s a playing card! She wrapped a couple yards of five different tapes around this card. I can just pull off what I want to use and save the rest for another day. And she stayed with the black and white theme here. This is such a great idea – one I am going to borrow for trades in the future. Thanks, Christina! I know you probably don’t follow my postings but you should! Hahahahaha! Thanks for trading with me!

Interested in doing some trading with us? Go to Facebook and check out ATC Trades and Jams, or you can just click the pink words here and you will be magically transported to the right location. It is pretty epic trading. And you can be selective in the ones you sign up for. I have three new ones to get busy on. Soon. Hahahahaha! In my spare time!

Oh! I forgot to show you:

Another perk of swapping internationally is the postage stamps. Awesome! These will make an appearance on an art journal page before too long. If I can remember where I stashed the others I’ve been saving. I put them someplace safe.

Week 2 of The 100 Day Project

The second week of The 100 Day Project is a done deal and it’s time to move on to week number three. I have plenty of ideas running through my brain, including the fact that I have some new watercolor inks showing up in the mail today. Yayayayayayyyyy!!!!! But. Week number two – here you go.

Day #8 was the only traditional tangled tile I’ve done so far. All of these are on YouTangle.art Tiles from Hahnemühle – the perfect tile for tangling! And I am using Technical Drawing Pens from Zebra Pen for all the tangling. All 100 days hopefully! This is my own pattern I named TootsieMoon because it looks like little tootsie rolls and a mixture of the crescent moon tangle.

Day #9 is a cornucopia narwal full of tangle patterns! I used LolliZ Gel Pens for color – they are quick to grab and color in. I was trying to hold this to 15 minutes. And I was pretty close to that time limit.

I have two images for day #10. I was working on a different project using a brayer and rolling on colors. I used this tile for clean up work – cleaning off my roller. I knew I would need a bunch of tiles to complete this project and this was an easy way to make some nice colors to tangle on.

The straight brayer lines made a perfect place to set up a grid pattern. I am calling this one bunny trax for the obvious reason. Hahahahaha! By going with an open tangle you can still see the pretty colors. Totally an accident and that is usually how the best patterns come about anyway. Those flowery things are diva dance rock ‘n roll. These Zebra technical pens work so well on the Hahnemühle tiles! Great product pairing!

Day #11 was a time to just play with some lines. The tile was pre-colored with FolkArt cheapo craft paint from Walmart – 50 cents a bottle. The yellow and green spots are Hero Arts Daubers. For the project I added some printemps first, then some long flowing lines that I connected with more lines. No name for this yet, I guess I’ll work on that after bunny trax gets down on step out paper.

Day #12 – the color is from Daler Rowney Acrylic Inks that I spread on my craft mat, then just plopped the tile right down into the color. This was either the third or fourth tile lifted with that initial drop of color. Each tile was progressively lighter in color. And again I used the flow-y pattern because it is fun and easy.

Day #13 – the color is Dina Wakley Acrylic Paint. Rolled on with a brayer – it’s fun and relaxing to make color this way and it is never replicated because it looks different each time. That tangle across the middle is named wrapper – remember the gum wrapper chains we used to make as kids? That is where the name came from.

And here is day #14. I explained this one in yesterday’s post – I used a technique called tranzending to complete this tile. Surely my least favorite of all 14 tiles so far, but it’s done. Yep. Cause there is one hundred days, kiddos, and we don’t have time to play favorites. Just draw today’s and keep moving. No looking back.

Need more info on The 100 Day Project? Just click those pink words. YouTangle.art Tiles and many other Hahnemühle products can be found right here, or by clicking the pink words. The Zebra Technical Drawing Pens can be found here. If you are new to my place, pink = link. Anywhere you see pink, a simple click will take you somewhere marvelous. Just be sure to come back <3 And that completes my parade of week number two. Thanks for looking – cause you are the reason I do all this. <3

I Tried TranZending

Last night I was working with some new product, playing around seeing what the pens would do. I’m not ready to give up on this particular pen, but I did not like how it worked on my tile. Let me show you.

I’m up to my eyeballs in The 100 Day Project, trying to stay afloat. And I had these new markers/pens to product review so play time was in order. This is not a review so I am not even going to identify the pens here. I hope to find better ways to use them, then I’ll tell you about them. I pulled out a YouTangle.art Tile from Hahnemühle and every color this pen comes in. And started drawing loose lines, filling in some areas, making various widths of lines in others. These pens are meant for lettering, I just really wanted to try them for tangling. The pen nibs dug into the paper’s surface making tanging really difficult and I ended up not loving this at all. But I needed a tile for The 100 day thing. So how to save it became the real question. I was not going to waste one of these tiles, nor the time I invested in it. I had other fish to fry. And if you aren’t from the south you may not get that reference.

I grabbed an 0.2 Technical Drawing Pen from Zebra and started drawing printemps. They can cover a wealth of not wonderful. The folks at Zentangle® came out with a technique they call tranzending, it’s a process of making layers of tangles. And it was perfect for what I wanted. So I made a whole layer of printemps all over those imperfect gouge-y lines and colors and more or less covered the whole thing up. Makes me wonder if that is how they figured out tranzending to start with. I dislike the tile less now and feel I can move on to the next day. Tomorrow stay tuned for a recap of week two of The 100 Day Project – including this piece of not wonderful. Before I leave I want to show you something I enjoyed more. Something else I am working on and so excited about!

Robin Mead of Robin Mead Designs sent me what she is calling a Color Flow Journal. Page after page of beautiful color literally flowing across the pages. I have a bunch of Robin’s books and have never drawn in a single one. Until now. I haven’t wanted to mess them up but this book literally speaks to me. The colors are all me and the way the color flows works well with the kind of art I do. I tangled up a bunch of loosey goosey flowers and grabbed some water colors and got to work. Just a little teaser. Pretty soon I will be sharing a video with you of Robin’s beautiful Color Flow book, but in the meantime you can check out her work here and here. Robin’s work really is so amazing! As is she!

YouTangle.art Tiles and all things Hahnemühle are here

What a Difference a Week Makes

Northern Maine. The land where it snows for seven months of the year. Harsh weather, strong winds, and even stronger people. I have found Mainers to be loving, fiercely protective of each other, accepting and encouraging, caring and friendly. We couldn’t have asked for a better place to live. But this whole snow thing does get a little out of control. Hahahaha!

I shot this photo six days ago on Monday. We were on our way home from supper and this little country church makes some super photographs! Snowed like crazy that day. That’s the road right down the middle of this picture. Our house isn’t far from here, down on the right.

Shot this one out the upstairs loft window Wednesday. It has been my snow gauge for the season. I have various photos of that plow truck, trailer and tractor being buried under snow. To the point that I didn’t remember there was a trailer between the truck and tractor. Hahahahaha! Hey! Look what I found! Hahahaha!

We had some warmer temperatures that day. In the upper 30s, lower 40s. This shot was at sunset, over the field next to our house. That is snow. Not a beach, not ocean waves, not sand. Snow. And Drew’s Mountain.

Pulling into our driveway. Dragon alert! And if you know what to look for you can also see Prince Charming. No. I am not crazy. Hahahahahahahaha!

And the driveway from the porch – still Wednesday. Those snow piles alongside the driveway have dropped a couple feet in height, so the snow is going away. Even though it doesn’t look like it. Our basement has been flooded for a couple weeks already. And yes, we have a great pump down there.

This is right in front of where we park the car and truck. You know, the truck that isn’t buried in the back yard. That one. Hahahaha! During the spring and summer we pull the cars right up to those two posts you see at the left bottom of the photo. These last few photos were all on Wednesday.

Then we had a day in the 50s and yesterday it got into the lower 60s. Here is my favorite red barn, totally not looking red here. And I notice it looks like they might have had some roof damage over winter. They have had a lot of snow melt away. Lucky them.

Here is our driveway this morning – Sunday when I’m typing this. Supposed to be in the 50s again today so I expect more of this will melt.

The driveway from the porch. What a difference a week makes! Literally! We still have a ton of snow to melt and go away. And it will probably be several more weeks before we are totally clear of snow, but that’s ok as long as we can see improvement in that direction. I am ready for some green grass and for the Canadian geese to come back home. And then I’ll bombard you with a ton of pictures. Cause that’s what I do. <3 Have a great week!