Simple Mark Maker

Mark makers. I’ve talked about them a decent bit lately. Things you find around your home that you can use to make interesting marks in paints or on gelli plates. This may be the shortest post I’ve ever made.

My daughter and I subscribe to Fab, Fit, Fun and each season we open our boxes together using FaceTime. Works great since we live on different sides of the country. This little purple item was the very first thing I saw when we opened boxes a couple weeks ago. And I immediately said ooh! gelli plate! And Kali started laughing – knowing exactly when I meant!

Sorry for this blurry photo. The purple thing is squishy and it was part of our box in hopes of getting us to buy their really cool mattress. This one of a kind mark maker is about three inches across. When I was working with my gelli plates recently I had a layer of orange-pink paint rolled out and I just grabbed this purple piece and started using it like a stamp. Hahahaha! It was so hard to pick up once I stuck it in the paint! But I was able to make several stamped images of it in various places, then I made a print using a piece of computer paper. Way too much of this orange color to use that print, but I liked the imaging I saw. So I rolled out a thin layer of yellow over the stamped images and the orange on my gelli plate.

And lifted this print by placing a sheet of card stock onto the gelli plate and smoothing it down with my hand. Check out those marks made with the purple thingy. Isn’t that cool??? Start thinking in different ways about items you come across. You never know when something really different and neat is going to fall into your lap. Almost literally!

Letter Q ATC

Not long ago I cut a King playing card apart to make an ATC for the Letter K. This time I cut a Queen playing card apart for the Letter Q.

I began with a blank ATC, three craft paints and a brayer.

Just a dab of paint – this ATC is 2.5″ x 3.5″ so there isn’t a lot of space.

Don’t be afraid to layer colors. They don’t turn into mud when you work this way. They layer and they dry really fast. And notice I am working with inexpensive craft paints from Walmart. I bet even Dollar Tree has craft paint. I knew my Queen was going to be heavy on black, red and white, so I went with some brighter, prettier colors to perk her up a bit.

I began by cutting the playing card into smaller segments and brought out my fruit punch ink pad.

These Dyestress Ink Pads are probably my favorite brand. And let me just tell you it is no easy feat to ink the edges of a slick playing card. But ink all the edges of everything I did.

I ran the card pieces through my sticker machine, then adhered them into place. With my TWSBI Eco fountain pen I added a little outlining. And I popped in a couple rhinestones for good measure.

I played with some Posca Paint Pens and the blue made an unlovely blotch. Ick! So did the pink! Double ick!

But really, it’s all about keeping going when something like that happens. Figure some way to work around it. And I did that with a white Posca. And I think my Queen turned out just fine!

Tangle Time

Each night after dinner I have been trying to fit in a few moments of tangle time before Mark and I watch our programs on tv. It is a good habit to get into. Relaxing and enjoyable. Let me show you this past week’s tiles.

All the tiles are 3.5″ square regardless of how big they look on your screen. Hahaha! I am using Tiles from Hahnemühle with technical pens from Zebra Pen. My go-to tangle tools. Patterns here are HarleeQwin and Dayz Eaze.

The color on this background is Miya Arts Watercolors. Such bright and beautiful color! I like to pre-color a bunch of tiles to keep on hand.

And this is what I tangled on that pink tile! Patterns are blox, round2it, surya and viola. Graphite shading.

The colors on this one are Lindy’s Magicals. They are so pretty! Tangles are arukas, printemps, diva dance rock n’ roll and flux.

You saw this one a few days ago. The color is Miya Arts Crayons. I tangled the string from Tangle All Around using crescent moon, printemps and diva dance rock n’ roll.

Another tile colored with Miya Arts Watercolors.

I love these colors together! Miya Arts really has some great colors! Patterns I used are caracole, printemps and athitzi.

I am taking tiles on my Florida trip in case I have time to tangle at night. I predict a lot of printemps and rock n’ roll. Hahahaha! That is what I seem to have been tangling a lot of recently!

Hahnemühle product with purchase links

Gelli Plate Florals

You can make really cool floral backgrounds with gelli plates, too! Let me show you a couple I made recently.

I began by rolling out a layer of iridescent blue/green Pebeo acrylics with my brayer. You already know I am on a mission to use every one of the stencils I own, so I looked in my box and grabbed this floral stencil from Joggles and placed it on top of the paint layer.

I placed a sheet of card stock over the stencil and smoothed it down with my hand, making sure to pick up the color through the stencil. This was the print I made. I liked it but knew I could do more.

Without lifting the stencil, I added a layer of flourescent pink over the top of the stencil and onto the gelli plate underneath.

This is what it looked like at that point. Hahaha! Hopeful!

I removed the stencil, then made a print using a sheet of card stock. I love this one! Both colors share the beauty and are represented equally due to the way I made my layers.

I did not clean my gelli plate because I don’t do that. Ever. Hahahaha! I love texture! You see here I grabbed tubes of Dina Wakley‘s magenta and blackberry violet acrylics.

I used my brayer to roll out a layer of the blackberry all over the gelli plate. Then I placed the same flower stencil on top – I didn’t clean it either. Cause I’m like that. Hahahahaha! I ain’t got time for that. Hahahahaha!

I left the stencil in place and placed a sheet of card stock on top and made a print. I like that it not only picked up the blackberry but also picked up some of the green from the stencil itself.

Next I left the stencil in place and rolled out a layer of that magenta. Right over the top of the gelli plate and the stencil.

Then I removed the stencil and placed a sheet of card stock on top of the gelli plate and smoothed it down all over. Then pulled this print. I wasn’t liking the clumpiness of the blackberry acrylic. I guess my tube is pretty old and it left clumps here and there. I still like the lift – I just feel grumpy because of the clumpies. Yes, I am uber tired. Can you tell?

I rolled out a layer of purple craft paint and put the stencil on top.

And lifted away some of the color with a clean up sheet of paper.

Then with the stencil still in place I rolled out a layer of that pretty fluorescent pink from before.

Here you go. Still a little clumpy in places but that’s ok .

I removed the stencil and this is what the gelli plate looked like at that point. You can see the purple that was underneath the stencil and the pink that I brayered on around the stencil.

And I pulled my last print. Sorry, not real clear here. But I have photos of each print dry and in natural light. Let me show you.

I love each one! But you don’t have to do florals! This technique of triple layering will work with any stencil you want to use. A stencil with lots of openings works best! I love playing with my gelli plates and seeing the colors and textures I can achieve. A couple of you mentioned you were going to try some of the gelli plate projects I’ve been showing you. I hope you will. It is super fun!

When you read this – Mark and I will be flying to Florida. We are going south for a few days on a food run. And I am not even joking. The thing I miss the most about the south is the food. We have one diner here close to our home and they just don’t understand southern. Hahahaha! We have a list of restaurants we are going to while we are there. We hope to spend a day at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter but it really depends on the temperatures. I have a thyroid disease that causes me not to be able to handle heat very well. So that one we will play by ear. Also the police department we are both retired from is having a Christmas luncheon and we are going to it hoping to run into some old friends. I am trying to schedule a couple posts ahead of time to run while I’m gone. I may not get around to answering your comments until we get back home. And I don’t fly well but I do have patches and pills. So I am ready! Florida – here we come!