My Journey

Welcome to my little spot in the webiverse. The little space where I share my artistic journey, my color experiments and processes, my tangle successes and almost-successes, and in general just share my life. 

This is me. Living in beautiful Maine with my husband Mark, our animals Kodi, Belle and Aurora, and our herd of dragons. Yep! Dragons! I have nine that live outdoors half the year. (Two of them are almost 7 feet tall.) In the winter we bring the babies inside so the snow and ice don’t destroy them during those 6 – 7 months. Maine can get brutal. But so much better than the hurricanes and fires we had to endure in Florida. 

We have a bunch of children and grandchildren. One daughter lives in Colorado, one in Florida and a son, his wife (my 3rd daughter) and little Frankles live close to us here in Maine. There are seven grandkids. We have been so blessed. 

I began my art journey a little over six years ago. Retired from law enforcement, I went straight into homeschooling our youngest daughter for twelve years. When all the kids were gone from home I needed something new to keep me busy. Pinterest to the rescue! Hahaha! Not even kidding. I found art on Pinterest. It wasn’t long until I was in training to become a Zentangle┬« teacher. And it wasn’t much longer before I found my true calling in color. Bright, crazy-makes-no-sense kind of color just screams my name. And I love it!

This past year found me wanting to learn how to publish my own books. My dear friend Christine Reyes is the only reason I am able to do so. She has my back when the technical issues overwhelm. She has my back when I’ve once again thrown all the art in the trash can, lamenting this book will never happen. And each time it was Christine who said pull that stuff out of the trash and let’s make this happen! And we have. Six times so far. The Tangle Starts, Artangleology Series! All six of those books have gone straight to the number one spot on the Hot New Release List and have done very well. You can see them in the Publications section at the top of the page.

I have every art supply known to woman. Or man. Or at least it seems that way. None of them are safe from play! Hahahaha! I am an Artist Ambassador for Zebra Pen. They provide me with product for reviews, for my personal use and for giveaways. And I give a lot of it away in my Facebook group Tangle All Around

I am also an Artist Ambassador for Leda Art Supply which specializes in sketchbooks and pencils. They provide me with product for personal use, reviews and giveaways.

And I review product for Hahnem├╝hle Fine Art. They are a wonderful German paper company that literally has a specialty paper for every type of art you can think of. They have been so wonderful to let me try anything I want and to provide me with lots of giveaway items for Tangle All Around. And here on the blog. 

That’s pretty much me in a nutshell. I love reading your comments and hope you will comment aplenty! Have a color product or technique you want to know more about? Just ask. I will try to make it happen. This is a journey. A joint journey. Between you and me. Let’s make it happen.

Much love from me,