Get Your Coloring Page Published

Would you like your work published in a book?  Want a free copy of the next book  in our  Tangle It! series? Get out your pens and start drawing! To begin the New Year, the Simalinas – Alice Hendon, Ina Sonnenmoser, and Simona Cordara  –   came up with the awesome idea to hold a competition. A coloring page competition!… Continue Reading

Big News! 3 New Books Just Released!


 This has been a super exciting week! Ina, Simona, and I have been busily working away on some incredible new tangly goodness for you! At the beginning of the week our Tangle It! Planner was released – the ultimate planner for tanglers: 101 brand new tangle patterns, monthly and weekly planner pages, weekly goals, challenges, project… Continue Reading

Christmas Shopping? How About an Art Journal?

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Looking for a special gift for that artist in your life? Looking for something special for yourself? Something to jumpstart your creative spark? OK, that was ‘hook’ enough for me. When coaching speech and debate students, we suggested they start with a hook, something that will grab your audience and pull them in. Well, Rachel’s… Continue Reading

Prayers For Canada

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Praying for my Canadian family and friends today as they mourn the loss of Corporal Nathan Cirillo, killed yesterday in Ottawa. Terrorism is leaving no country untouched or unscathed. Praying for Corporal Cirillo’s family, and for the proud people of Canada. I remember sitting in tears, watching the television when the United States was under attack… Continue Reading

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Well, sort of at least. Heading to Maryland tomorrow to help Kali finish packing and to bring her back to Florida. Yay!!!!! Posts will be non-existent – probably – until I get back home. The iPad is not a favorite when it comes to blogging. But . . . you never know!

Germany v. Argentina, World Cup, 2014

World Cup, 2014, has come down to these two teams,  Germany and Argentina. There have been a few highlights along the way,  this being one of them 🙂 Now, on to the final match!

Book Review for 2013

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2013 proved to be another good reading year for me. A couple years ago, one of the speech students challenged me to keep a list of books I read throughout the year. So I did. I knew that I read a lot, but I was really astonished to see just how many books I went… Continue Reading

Hazardous-Reviews, Hunger Games: Catching Fire


Unfamiliar with Hazardous-Reviews? Well, that’s something we hope to change.  Hazardous-Reviews is a website/movie review blog written and managed by my son, Jason Hendon.  He reviews various genres of movies, including movies in theatres, on Redbox, and Netflix.  Today, Hazardous-Reviews has posted a critique of Catching Fire, giving it a 5 out of 5 stars. I’ve… Continue Reading

On the Road Again

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No new art work to post today. I just wanted to let you know that I am hitting the highway . . . again.  Headed back up to see my Kali-girl, can’t wait! Her young man is leaving for nine weeks, headed off to a Christian bootcamp, of sorts. They will have no contact for… Continue Reading

It’s Spring!

Lately, my postman has been bringing me some incredible packages! This week’s package came from my dear friend Cindy from Cottage Remnant. I actually met Cindy online, through a weekly challenge I occasionally participate in called Artist’s Play Room. I say ‘occasionally’ because it’s a challenge that is a real stretch for me most of… Continue Reading