Tangled Art Memories

Some days I feel like drawing, some days I do not. Today is a ‘do not’ day. Do you ever feel that way? I expect that right now may be a time your motivation has up and fled. This morning I tried to look at posts in my FB group and leave comments, but I… Continue Reading

Zen-untangled! Week 12


Can you believe we are already in week twelve?! As we sit here socially distanced from the world I am trying to work ahead a bit and get ahead of my group. Hahaha! Tangle All Around is working hard on this project! Each week I give them seven of the 170 patterns from Zentangle® to… Continue Reading

Zen-untangled! Week 10


It’s week ten in Zen-untangled! The project that sees us working through all 170 patterns designed by the zentangle folks. Pretty epic things are being accomplished by many, many tanglers. Let me show you my week ten. We are working our way through the project in my Facebook group Tangle All Around. Each week I… Continue Reading

Now At a Lower Price!


Amazon has just lowered the price for More Tangle Starts! I don’t know how long this will last but it is super news for now! Amazon has reduced the price by almost $7.50 and that is awesome! A paper crafter’s dream, there are so many different ways to use the pages in More Tangle Starts. Let me walk… Continue Reading

Tangling in More Tangle Starts


There are so many ways to use More Tangle Starts! For me it will mostly be a tangle journal. A place where I work each day and create a journal of art tangled with my favorite patterns. See the bands of beautiful color on the cover? Each of those were taken from pages in More… Continue Reading

Zen-untangled! Week 8


Tangle All Around is working on week eight of the Zen-untangled! project. The patterns this week were all very similar. I think they are all cousins of fescu and I have no idea why Rick and Maria felt they needed a whole bunch of different names. These were a little harder. Bucky was a tough… Continue Reading

Zen-untangled! Week 7


Week seven of Zen-untangled is upon us. We have some fun patterns this week and a couple are very similar! Can you figure out the differences? And what makes each one unique? I love this background Rachel Foster made and sent to me. I had been saving it for something special and this is it!… Continue Reading

Working in the Round


Well it seems like GoDaddy has the commenting issue resolved. Actually they told me what to do to fix it and I learned something. And they learned that I am not all that technically-inclined and we all had a good laugh. Hahahaha! We did! Do you recall this foam stamp I showed you last week?… Continue Reading

Zen-untangled! Week Six


Week six already! Can you believe it? Time is flying by as we work on Zen-untangled! Week six began with some cool rice paper from Joggles. I hand tore the top and bottom edges and adhered the paper with a layer of clear gesso underneath. Then sealed it with a layer over the top. Drying… Continue Reading

Zen-untangled! Week 5


Last week we took a break to allow a lot of our members to catch up. Zen-untangled keeps rolling along with seven patterns a week, a string, and a tile and we have a lot of brand new tanglers joining us in the journey. I think the break was much needed and helped many to… Continue Reading