Paper Bag Book From Karen


Not long ago I showed you the paper bag book I made for our swap group. Everyone designs these books differently with the one constant feature being the book is built literally of paper bags. Today I want to show you the book I received from Karen Rushton. I absolutely love it and I think… Continue Reading

Vintage ATC


Creative Crafty Friends currently has a list of ATC prompts for each day of May. I am having a hard time fitting them all into my schedule, but have been able to do quite a few of them. When I saw the prompt for vintage I wasn’t sure I wanted to do that one. Vintage… Continue Reading

The 100 Day Project Update


It has been some time since I showed you my 100 Day Project pieces. This year I am making an art piece each day with whatever happens to be on my desktop at the time. That might be a piece of tangled art, it might be a piece of mixed media. Not a lot of… Continue Reading

A Little Peek


Working on a dead line with a project I hope to share soon. In the meantime, here is a look into some other things I’ve been working on. Any ideas what it might be? Hope to be making a full post on something tomorrow. Hahahaha!

Time For Adventure


Easy project today. The Creative Crafty Friends prompt was adventure! I pulled out some collage sheets and was flipping through with no solid idea in mind when I came across this wonderful photo I was able to turn into a fun adventure ATC. Let me show you! Looks like adventure to me! What do you… Continue Reading

Mixed Media Jigsaw Puzzle


Fun post for you today! I took a plain white jigsaw puzzle I had on hand and put it through the color works. A little bit of everything and I then had a fun, colorful, bright puzzle to put together while I was thinking about what to do next. Hahahah! A little trouble focusing these… Continue Reading

World Unity


Collage and art journal elements come from a variety of places. In today’s post you will see me use a simple clothing tag to tie together a two page journal spread with a common theme. World unity. Something we really need more of. These two art journal pages were made for a swap. Of course…. Continue Reading



Sparkle? Yes, I love sparkle! And shimmer, and shine and glimmer! So when Creative Crafty Friends gave the prompt for a sparkle themed ATC – I knew this prompt was made for me! Actually, I was a little overwhelmed. I have so many sparkly choices. It reminded me of a TV commercial that goes “doe-cisions,… Continue Reading

Ocean Lover


Living in Maine, being an ocean lover takes on a little different meaning from when I lived in Florida. Bar Harbor, Maine, is a beautiful location. I spent a week at a bed and breakfast there last year, taking photographs and walking and eating and drawing, well, you get the idea. I had a great… Continue Reading



How’s that for a title? Hahahaha! Today’s ATC brought to you straight from the cemetery and all things creepy. That’s for sure! It is today’s ATC prompt and that is the only reason I made it. Not my thing normally, but fun for today. When I read Creative Crafty Friends‘ prompt list and saw today… Continue Reading