Zen-untangled! Week 8

Tangle All Around is working on week eight of the Zen-untangled! project. The patterns this week were all very similar. I think they are all cousins of fescu and I have no idea why Rick and Maria felt they needed a whole bunch of different names. These were a little harder. Bucky was a tough… Continue Reading

Once Upon a Frog


Once upon a time, in the land of the rainbows, lived a little magical frog with his little Rainbow Princess. Actually the Rainbow Princess was a mermaid and she lived in a lagoon. A sparkling lagoon, but a lagoon nonetheless. The Rainbow Queen was called Hannah Lynn and she loved all manor of beautiful little… Continue Reading

Arteza Iridescent Acrylics


It’s been a busy day! I want to make a quick post before I call it quits. Just a little ‘pretty’ to maybe make you smile, or go oooooh! Something like that. I am working on a new project that I hope to be able to share with you before too much longer. Just came… Continue Reading

Fairy Starts With F


Ready for the Letter F ATC Swap? Creative Crafty Friends has kept me busy this month. I need to get all the swaps finished because I have something else to work on. Let me show you my first ATC for the letter F. I began with this super little digital stamp I purchased at Hannah… Continue Reading

Alcohol Ink on Black Plastic


Get ready for some beautiful! I apologize up front because I don’t remember who told me about this paper. But ‘thank you’ to someone. I am thinking Jem, but I’m not sure. Plastic art sheets actually and they are meant to work much like yupo. For those of you who love alcohol inks – you… Continue Reading

Alcohol Ink ICAD


Creative Crafty Friends is swapping altered index card art each month. This month’s prompts were: washi tape, circles and doodles. I translated that to mean tangles – which is the kind of art I typically make. This month’s prompts were right up my alley! I had this beautiful piece of alcohol ink art already made… Continue Reading

Zen-untangled! Week 7


Week seven of Zen-untangled is upon us. We have some fun patterns this week and a couple are very similar! Can you figure out the differences? And what makes each one unique? I love this background Rachel Foster made and sent to me. I had been saving it for something special and this is it!… Continue Reading

Off With Their Heads, an ATC


I tell you, this ATC swap for the Letter O had me scratching my head. I even googled nouns starting with the letter O. You saw the owl ATC I made yesterday. It was fun, but this one was my favorite. I was looking through my digital stamps and came across a folder I had… Continue Reading

An Owl ATC


This is a song about an owl. Except I don’t know any songs about owls. Hmmm. Hit it, Mr. Google! Are there any songs about owls? Apparently there is a song called . . . wait for it . . . Owl Song by the Whizpops! Who knew? Hahahaha! And the group Owl City! How… Continue Reading

Hahnemühle’s Bristol Illustration Paper


Ecoline Brush Pens from Royal Talens has just released a set two comprised of pastels. Yes, I know. Pastels. Meh. So not bright and beautiful. Or are they? To find out I had to order the set. (But of course, how could I not?) And to jump right in I pulled out my pad of… Continue Reading