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Effective immediately I am moving to a different posting platform. Thank you so much for your faithfulness in following my artwork. I would ask you to please come to the new page and subscribe there. COVID has caused too many problems with this hosting site and email services and I just can not recover from them. So I am starting from scratch at this new location.

The new site is Alice Hendon, Artangleology and you can get there by just clicking here. To subscribe:

  • on a computer? In the left sidebar, at the top of the page and just under the photo of myself with one of my dragons you will see the subscribe block. Enter your email and post. You will receive an email confirmation you will need to respond to.
  • on a tablet, iPad or cell phone? At the top of the page you will see a full color block with the name of the website Alice Hendon, Artangleology. Just above those words and to the left you will find three little white lines one on top of the other. Click those and you will be taken to the sidebar I mentioned earlier.

Hope to see you there! Otherwise I will miss you!

4 thoughts on “Moving to a New Website

  1. Alice, I found it on the home page. There is a “icon”? with 3 horizontal bars and if you click on that it will bring up the subscribe button.

  2. Hi Alice

    Please correct me if Iā€™m wrong, but was this the same email you sent our last week or a new one? Advise and thanks

    Barbara k

    • no, this is a new one. the last post I will be making on this website. I see you are subscribed to the new one so after today the new one should be the only emails you receive

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