Glamour Additions, Week Nine


Time has really flown past as we have been working on our glamour additions for tangling. Ways to take our tangle art up a notch, little details that make a huge difference. This week we will work on dingbatz and dingsplatz. Sound nuts? Hahahaha! It is ok to say yes. Want to find out what that means? Read on.

Let’s begin by looking at the pages I made for the week. I am working in a journal I made using Bristol Illustration paper from Hahnemühle. I cut the pages to the size I wanted, then punched the holes and spiral bound my book with a Bind It All machine. That background color was made using the smoosh technique with Ecoline Brush Pens. The little forest girl is an image from the internet that I colored with Copic markers.

I like using art from my friends in my journals when the opportunity arises. This gel print background came to me from Izzy Haase as part of a swap in Creative Crafty Friends. Perfect for this page of steps for the dingsplatz method. Let’s get right into the lesson for the week. We start with dingsplatz.

Dingsplatz: Maria Thomas came up with the idea of dingsplatz to rescue a pair of jeans. It’s a fun, forgiving concept that is easy to do. A dingsplatz begins with a large, roundish frame drawn using the tangle Eke for the looping line.

Aura the inside of the frame line. 

Coffer the corners of the inner aura, attaching it to the looping line. Remember coffering from week 2? 

Aura around the outside of the entire looping line you made in step 1. 

Coffer the corners of the outer aura, attaching it to the looping line.

Fill the inside of your dingsplatz with tangles.

And, here is the Kitchen Table Tangles video where dingsplatz was debuted:

Dingbatz: Our second technique ‘dingbatz’ was based on the typographic dingbat ornament. They are essentially tangles and frames. They might be partial frames, framed objects, or full frames. The drawing extends between, over and behind the lines. Think auras and hollibaugh. This is an example I made. Here are the steps:

  • In pencil, begin by sketching the double lined frame that you will work around. 
  • The inside should be divided into loose sections to tangle. To do that, carry a tangle like mooka or Eni’s Mooka 3D entirely across the frame – either from side to side, or top to bottom – being sure to carry the lines both inside and outside the frame.
  •  Where lines intersect, weight those intersections with rounded lines. Remember we covered rounding in week one?
  • Fill the inner sections you created with tangles. Add contrast by filling some areas with ink. Use highlights where possible. 
  • Incorporate auras.
  • Shade and enjoy. 

And a second example I made to give you an idea.

Tangle Trail: Patterns for this week were chosen with these techniques in mind. They are: Abundies, Barber pole, Mooka 3D, Ruutz, Sand Swirl, Scalloped Niuroda and Showgirl. We have some great ones from Eni Oken this week. 

And lastly, here are three strings to get you started on dingbatz.

Have fun! One more week to go. Want to join us as a group on Facebook? Click here to check out Tangle All Around.

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10 thoughts on “Glamour Additions, Week Nine

  1. Another brilliant tutorial. Once life settles down again -into the new working routines – I hope to work on tangling. At present just trying to get my pencil colour charts up to date & really learning about the individual brands of pencils as I do it. I keep looking at the bottom right dingbatz on your journal page & love the movement in it, plus to the left it really almost seems that someone or thing is peeking through at the viewer. Gorgeous example that. Plus there’s the Alice special of busy background colour with the forest girl image in similar colours that somehow ‘works’ though I still cannot fathom why when my instinct would be to provide contrast. Yet it ALWAYS works when you do it. Maybe it’s the ‘camouflage effect?’

    • I agree, they shouldn’t work together. but they do. at least I like them. hahahaha! I am enjoying seeing your pencil studies when I find them. a great reference tool

      • Thanks – back at work again so just snatching bits of pencil time. Lots of changes with work…….. adjusting slowly, just thrilled to still have a job.

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