Thinking about changes. Which changes to make and what to change over to.

I am not even sure this post will work. COVID has been a never ending issue for my website. I have been through two hosting sites and two email services and have made phone call after phone call. I am not going to tell you how much money I have spent overall. Christine has helped me. Yet, here I sit banging my head on the table – almost literally. I have a wonderful post that I haven’t been able to make go ‘live’ and a frustrating couple hours on the phone yesterday with GoDaddy did not fix the problem. They are working from home still – which isn’t the problem – the lady on the phone had no idea why I couldn’t make a post. She told me she couldn’t find the answer on Google. Duh. I paid them $710.00 to google something? She assured me the problem might be fixable for another $100.00. Yeah, that isn’t going to happen. So I am setting up yet another blog through Blogger. I did that once before and did great with it for several years. Anyway. Long story to short. I am working on setting up a new blog. You can find it at by clicking here. And there is even a subscribe by email FREE feature. Free for me, that is. And that’s a whole other story. Anyway, that is more than likely where I will be posting from now on. Sorry for the inconvenience. Adulting stinks.

But, leaves are changing in Maine! We have actually had the fireplace going the last couple nights. Brrrr. Our bears are stocking up on wild apples and Mark’s food plot – getting ready to go into the cave for the winter. And Mark shot a turkey in our back yard yesterday. That will make a fine meal for us. Can’t wait!

Other than banging my head on the table I am also working on a new pattern book. I have about 350 patterns stepped out already. Each pattern gets its own envelope. These aren’t even all of them! Hahahahaha! I have 575 patterns people have sent to me already, not all of them will make it to the book but everyone who sends me a pattern will be included. At least once if not more. Now, let me hit ‘publish’ and see what happens. That next sound you hear may be me tearing my hair out . . . or smacking my head right here on the desktop where I stand. Fingers crossed and loads of prayers going up.

24 thoughts on “Changes

  1. This post came through and I hear your frustration!!So sorry I hope blogger works for you!

    • thanks, I went back and tried to make the other post publish since this one worked and it still won’t let me. please sign up at Blogger <3

  2. Hi Alice ~ I DID receive an email to notify me of this post! I’m SO sorry to hear that your wonderful desire to share your art with the world has become such a huge hassle for you. I’m sending a calming (and Covid-free) hug to you.

  3. Got the email and signed up on blogger. Thanks for sticking with it…I can only imagine the frustration.

  4. Oh no! How frustrating 😠
    Please stop banging head on desks! It will only give you a bigger 🤕..
    🙏🏼For thing to get better soonest !
    Hugs 🥰 P

  5. Good to see you on here. Hope things get worked out. Please put me on the list for your next book. Pretty picture.

  6. I’ve subscribed to your Blogger blog. I got on pretty well with it whilst I was running a blog. I did research changing but decided the other option really didn’t stack up, besides Blogger seemed so versatile whilst being virtually free of charge, except on the odd occasion when I added too many photos, still it was very very inexpensive even if I did run over my allotted quota. That was 6 years ago so don’t know how it is now. Take care of that head – you need it & take care of yourself. So sorry to hear you’ve been having all this trouble.

    • I don’t believe the subscribe function is working. I subscribed with 2 different emails so I could test it and blogger stills shows 0 subscribers and I did not get emails. need to work on that today. it’s one thing after another.

  7. Animo Alice, bueno espero se solucione todo pronto, te mereces lo mejor siempre, un abrazo 🤗 fuerte 💪

  8. So sorry to hear about your problems with GoDaddy, but not surprised at all. I used to work on client websites on the side and refused to use GoDaddy for anything. Anytime I had to deal with them because a client was using them, it was pure pain!

    I’ve signed up on the other site and I’ll see you there Alice! Keep up the amazing posts and sending a covid-19 free hug your way as well!

    • I’ll see that hug and raise you one 🙂 thanks for moving over with me. this has been one long headache as you well know.

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