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Art journaling using leftovers? Yep! Don’t throw those scraps away. You never know when they might come in handy. Yesterday I made two art journal pages for a swap – using items left from other projects. Let me show the first one and tell you how I made it.

As you might be aware – this past December I released a book of full color background pages that can be used in so many ways in your art projects. For this journal page I brought out a piece of art I made for the book More Tangle Starts to use as my base. Just a piece of the art really because I had used the other half of the page last month on a Christmas journal page you can see here. The paper is Harmony Hot Pressed watercolor paper from Hahnemühle, the color is Dylusions Ink Sprays. I chose these two blocks I had leftover from a page in Dina Wakley’s Collage Collective books to use for my main accent pieces.

The page is 5″ x 7″ which is really just a perfect size for swaps. I began by adding some splatters with a white Winsor & Newton ink and the Process Cyan blue from Daler Rowney. Easy to load your fan brush with ink and tap it against your finger to make splatter dots all over. You may notice some of the white dots are changing colors. That is because the Dylusions inks underneath are reactive when wet. I am ok with that.

From there I wanted to continue adding texture and this is what I used. Crazy looking, right? Punchinello. I always have to google how to spell that – or like the Frankles says “Google it up!” I have had people ask before what this is. Can you tell just by looking? It is the leftovers from cutting out sequins. And you can totally buy it on eBay. That’s where I got mine. All size holes. And they are reusable so you never have to throw it out. Unless you want to. I have this strip I cut to about 8 inches in length and I just grab it when I want to make some small dotted texture. The only thing you don’t see here are the finger dabbers I use for my dab and stab technique.

I began with the Fruit Punch color, picked up color from my ink pad with the dabber and stabbed it through the punchinello in various places. Even here you can see how the pink ink reacts with the underlying ink spray. I love it! All that texture was made with just the one fruit punch pad. But I wanted more.

So I added more texture using the Caribbean Dyestress Ink Pad in other areas. Lots of texture already created by the original layer of ink spray, then the splatters and now the punchinello.

I wanted to make some of the dots stand out. I used a technical drawing pen from Zebra Pen to circle scratch around some of the dots and I even added some gold gel pen dots in the centers of some.

I knew I wanted more texture but I figured I should add my elements first. Can you tell I was in the zone? I forgot to take photos along the way. But that’s ok because I can totally tell you instead. Hahahahaha! Leftovers. Scraps. The strip along the bottom and the strip at the top right are both from gelli prints I used to make ATCs and another art journal page in the past couple months. That tangled strip on the left is what was left over from some other ATCs I traded a long time ago. The legs? Hahahaha! They used to have full bodies, too. I sacrificed the legs to use the upper bodies and heads on ATCs in the past. The legs went into my little leftovers ziplock bag of weird stuff, waiting for an opportunity. Yesterday was that day. The collage paper music and date book pieces – also leftovers. Is left over one word or two???? The little stack of birds I made with the intention of using them in my Zen-untangled journal, but never did. So here they are – heading to Arizona on this leftover art journal page.

A lot happened to get to this point. I added the second Dina Wakley block at the top left and added some washi tape in a couple places. Mark making of various dots included Jane Davenport’s Paint Over Pens, Painters Pens, and those big white dots are from a huge Posca Paint Pen. The outer edges were inked with a black Archival ink pad.

I really wanted the white dots to stand out even more, so I added more dots with those same Paint Over Pens. They work great for stuff like this! I was really feeling like this was close to being finished at this point.

But words. Sentiments. You need words of sentiments. These particular ones are from a great new book I have from Studio Light. The book is called Jenine’s Mindful Art Collection. They are the perfect addition. And now my art journal page was complete. I showed it to Mark and I could tell he was struggling with something positive to say about it. Hahahahahaha! Men.

Our leaves are starting to change. Our yard seems to always be about the last place for it to happen. But it is happening. The high temp today is supposed to be 60. It was down in the 30’s last night. Fall is definitely here. It won’t be long now.

More Tangle Starts
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6 thoughts on “Art Journaling the Leftovers

  1. Oh I chuckled at those birds looking at the legs – so funny. You certainly got a lot of leftovers used up. I like the way that bottom magenta bird matches up with the colour of the skirt above those long long legs, not to mention the magenta flamingos! Yes, autumnal here too, there’s a real nip in the morning air now.

    • I love those little birds, I just couldn’t figure out how to use them in the first project. they work pretty well here 🙂

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