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Creative Crafty Friends has a lot of fun swaps going on this month! I signed up for at least seven! Eek! What was I thinking??? Hahahaha! What I want to show you today was my favorite swap! Coins. Think ATCs in the round.

There were no guidelines, other than the 3.5″ circular coin base. We could go with any theme we chose. I started like I always do, by pulling out my collage drawer and looking at what could fit in a 3.5″ space. I used my circle punch to cut three circles from pre-colored papers I already had on hand.

These are the pieces I decided to start with. Two of the backgrounds are ones I made, the blue one is from a sheet of Jane Davenport paper. And I had already put the picture decorations through the sticker machine.

Even though I did not have a consistent theme, I still wanted to tie the three coins together as a set. And I found this great long sticker in my drawer so I added it across all the coins. Those pink splatters are fluorescent pink Daler Rowney acrylic ink.

This is a great little tool I purchased years ago from Making Memories. I think. They don’t carry it any longer. Each of those little barrels have ink in them and you just roll them across your paper and they leave lovely designs.

Like this. Ta-da! And this plus the music sticker are the two things that tie my group of three coins together. Not a theme.

I trimmed my accent pieces out and adhered them to the coins. The edges were all inked with black Archival ink. And I added some words. Cause that’s what I do.

I saved my favorite for last! They have already arrived at their new home. I may just have to make one like this for myself!

I have been having a lot of problems with my website. GoDaddy hosts it and they have not been consistent since Covid started happening. They are working from home and it is hard to predict when I can post. That would explain why I went from posting mostly daily to mostly not posting at all. Sorry. One day at a time. And a whole lot of prayers and finger crossing going on over here.

6 thoughts on “Working With Coins

  1. Think my favourite has to be the flamingo one, I like the way their necks make a heart echoing the shape behind that you added (masterful stroke that). Good thinking tying the coins all together like that. Back to work in Sept – my usual hours but 4 half days instead of 2 full days. Excited to see how my responsibilities will have changed & like the idea of greater continuity with orders, customers, stock etc…….

    • I was going to send you an email last night to ask about work, glad that is happening. hoping to get things back to a new normal

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