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I showed you a smoosh technique for adding color to a tile a few days ago and someone mentioned I should try this with an acrylic block. So I did. And it worked great! Let me show you!

My project started with a new set of markers. Specifically some Faber-Castell Albrecht Durer Artists’ Watercolor Markers that came in the mail yesterday. Perfect for this technique! I also grabbed some tiles cut from Hahnemühle‘s Bristol Illustration paper and an acrylic block about 4″ square.

If you use stamps you may already have an acrylic block on hand. They are used primarily for clear stamps but they work great in this smoosh technique as well. I started with these two colors of the markers and scribbled a bit of each straight onto my block. Those black marks you see on the block are permanent and won’t come off. They did not interfere with this process. Thankfully.

I was a little concerned because the color did not bead up like I am used to. The next step in the smoosh technique is to spray water – so I did. Sprayed water right onto the color and I relaxed. The color still did not bead up like it does when I do this on my craft mat, but I could at least tell the color was now fluid.

I took my first tile and placed it down into the color, totally forgetting about smooshing. I smoothed it down in place, then lifted the tile away.

I liked what I had so far, but this tile needed more color in that lower right section.

I still had some color on the block, so I smooshed it down onto my tile in that lower section and stamped color in place.

When I lifted the acrylic block I noticed all these bands of bubbles. Weird. But I liked them so I sat this tile to the side to dry and moved on.

For my next tile I scribbled just this one color onto the block and sprayed it with water. When I sat the block down onto my tile, I smooshed it firmly in place and imprinted this beautiful color into the tile.

Pretty but a bit bland for my tastes – hahahahaha! So I added some green and some pink. Smooshed and twisted the block to spread the color more. Then sat it aside to dry. Fun!

These colors aways look great together and remind me of spring! Bright and beautiful!

I added the colors to the block one at a time and smooshed each one separately. I got some really great dots and bubbles and squishiness!

This smooshing with the acrylic block was working super well so I continued. I love pink and purple together! Scribble, scribble, spray!

And smoosh! Don’t you love the feathers of color when I smoosh?

And I smooshed really well. When I lifted I had all these little dots of color! Fabulous!

Not loving this one but I thought I’d show it to you anyway. This will probably be the only time you ever see it. Hahahaha! This one will probably eventually get some acrylic color scraped over the top, some stamped dots, some scribbles of Sharpies and become a base for an ATC. Waste not, want not. Or some such.

Oh wait! See that same tile on the bottom row? The first one on the left? I added more color and I love it now! So, nope on the ATC future. Hahahahaha! Notice how the bubbles popped and left cool texture behind?

This was the very first one. Look at those bands of white dots!

I will be tangling each of these tiles because I love them that much! Smooshing using the acrylic block was easy! The thing I liked most was this. Since my block was clear I could actually see where the color was going and could place the color where it was needed. The texture bubbles was an extra surprise – a bonus, so to speak! I may make more of these this afternoon! So, grab an acrylic block, any size will work, some water-based markers and smoosh some awesome color onto your tiles! You know you want to!

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20 thoughts on “Smooshing With Acrylic Block

  1. My FC watercolor pens due for delivery tomorrow. Yea!
    I can’t wait to try this technique. Was just going to lay them down on the mat and hope for the best. Thanks for the block idea, can’t wait to see the process this time.

    • I like this technique because you control where the color goes. that doesn’t happen with the mat. although I like the surprise of that way also

  2. SUPERB! I can’t wait to try this. Have tons of WC Markers that I don’t really use. YAY! TY TY TY!!!

    • It’s addicting! When I can’t think of what else to do – I turn to this technique.

  3. Ooh I see some lovely images in your smooshing! So cool! I love these a lot. Thanks for posting.

  4. These turned out beautifully, excellent size of acrylic block too. Those air bubbles really add such great texture making the ink so interesting. The FC markers look interesting too – have a set of the watercolour pencils which are beautifully vibrant so not suprised at how good these markers look.

  5. Thank you for this great idea, I love it I have some watercolor sticks that this may work well with too. and I have a mister. your tiles turned out great. i will try it soon thanks for the instruction.

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