Glamour Additions, Week Seven


Week seven is going to be a fun one! We are working on techniques to take our tangling to the next level. And for this week that means stretching. Hahaha! Stretching outside my comfort zone and working with TransluZENce and TranZending! Let’s get started.

Let’s start by looking at my pages for the week. We are working on Glamour Additions in Tangle All Around on Facebook. This week I wanted to feature the tangles – or patterns – of a special lady who gave so much to our community. Bunny Wright passed away August 8, 2020, and all the patterns this week are from her.

I had never had any luck with transluZENce before, so I decided to put the actual steps into my journal. Now when I want to try this technique, I can pull out my journal and flip to this page. Lynn Mead had a really great idea when she developed this technique. I’ll walk you through it in a minute.

And tranZending is our second technique for the week. TransluZENce on the left tile and tranZending on the right. My journal is one I made myself using Bristol Illustration papers from Hahnemühle. I love the way it works with all the media I’m using in my book. Now let’s get to the lesson.

TransluZENce is a technique developed by CZT Lynn Mead, she has done so many wonderful things for us tanglers! TransluZENce is based on drawing behind – or under – another tangle, then using graphite to make it look like you are viewing the background through a translucent media like tissue paper or frosted glass. I am going to show you the actual steps based on Lynn’s tutorial. The easiest tangles to get started with this technique are membranart and hollibaugh. Your lower tangle needs to have good contrast for this technique to work. Think dark filled areas. If you want to read more, check out Lynn’s tutorial by clicking here.

Use pen to draw the top layer tangle, I used membranart. 

Use pen to draw hollibaugh behind ONLY in the openings of membranart. 

Use a pencil on top of membranart and carry the bands of hollibaugh across the top layer.

With pen, blacken in the background in the open spaces of hollibaugh. 

To make membranart look translucent, use your pencil and a tortillon to shade the spaces between the hollibaugh on top of membranart, being careful to stop at the pencil lines, leaving the upper layer of hollibaugh alone. Add shading on the underlying hollibaugh bands. 

TranZending is a technique developed by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. This enhancement involves drawing one tangle over the top of an already completed tile and lightly filling it with white charcoal pencil, then shading. This makes the top layer tangle appear transparent. The underlying tangle appears as if being viewed through a veil. For mine, I brought out a tile I had already completed and just did the tranZending technique right over the top of it. And this one turned out so much better! You can view Rick and Maria’s KTT Video where they demonstrate the technique by clicking here.

And here are seven of Bunny’s patterns to work with this week.

How to draw the tangle pattern Boulder Builder, tangle and deconstruction by CZT Bunny Wright.

And lastly, here is the string for the week. I went with a membranart basic string so you could try Lynn’s transluZENce a little easier. Have a great week!

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5 thoughts on “Glamour Additions, Week Seven

  1. Superb post with the two tutorials – I’ve not really given much thought to these techniques before. Your explanations really make it clear & I love the way you used bijou tiles to step out the translucence. Invaluable! Love the nod to Bijou with the snail image & that black floral sticker aptly echoes Bunny’s dayzee-mae tangle below.

    • I love that you give me so much credit. hahaha! that snail image and Bijou – that was a complete fluke of chance. maybe subconsciously I was thinking it? I hadn’t really tried these tutorials much before. Glamour Additions is forcing me to try new things as well. <3

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