Glamour Additions, Week Four


We are almost half way through our ten week journey! Learning how to glamorize our tangle art, how to take it to the next level! Here is the week four lesson and my pages as an example. Enjoy!

We are working on Glamour Additions in the Facebook group Tangle All Around. Each week I give a lesson, seven tangles to use with the lesson, a string and a challenge. On my own pages I am trying to use a woodland creature somewhere each week. They are all digital stamps I color using Copics.

This tile was colored and sent to me by my friend Priscilla DeConti. She does great color! And now I will never lose the tile <3 because it will be forever saved here in my Glamour Additions book. I love my book! I made it using Bristol Illustration paper from Hahnemühle. It is the perfect paper for this type of journaling!

Let’s jump right into the week’s lesson. This week we are working with three specific structures for tangling. Up first is monotangles. This is a term that can be directly attributed to Canadian CZT Laura Harms as part of her Diva Challenge in 2013. When monotangling, the tile is entirely comprised of just one tangle. There can be tangleations and variations, but all the drawing in your tile is of the same one tangle pattern. 

Next is duotangles. Here your tile is entirely comprised of just two tangles. Again, you can use tangleations but there are just two patterns used to tangle the complete tile. No fillers of any others.

Last is positive/reverse or day/night tangling. These are names I devised myself. To begin with I wanted to call this positive/negative but the word ‘negative’ is used to talk about white space left in your drawing and that is not what I mean. Think of positive as the main focal part of your tangling. The part you would normally draw, the way you would normally draw it. The reverse would be done completely opposite. Where you would normally have white areas, you now fill those same areas with black ink. Think day and night opposites, flip the contrast and balance and make your drawing look like the complete opposite of how you would normally draw. Instead of round open orbs – fill those orbs with black ink. Instead of big open mookas – fill those mookas with black ink. You can also do this with color! Now let’s look at the seven patterns for the week.

And the week’s string. For this week’s challenge, make three identical tiles using this string. Tangle one tile as a monotangle, the second tile as a duotangle and the third tile using positive/reverse or day/night tangling. When you are done you will have three tiles completed using the same string. You can work either in black or white, or in color – whichever you prefer. I hope you will join us at Tangle All Around so you can share your work! Have a great week!

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4 thoughts on “Glamour Additions, Week Four

  1. Oh goodness – this got my imagination going. The day & night tangling expressed in colour was what gripped me – using the colour wheel do opposites on it , so reds for ‘day’ & the complimentary ‘greens’ for night, yellow=day & violet=night………. Just trying to finish doing comparisons of various papers using different coloured pencils & with a number of blending methods

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