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You may be wondering what cluster art is. Actually, I wondered that, too! Hahaha! Our swap group Creative Crafty Friends is currently working on cluster art and I didn’t know what that meant. I went to YouTube (of course) and watched a short clip and got straight to work. Let me show you what I made.

For cluster art you need a lot of little papers. Small in dimension. Think a couple inches by a couple inches. Mathematical genius at work here. Hahahahaha! Several years ago I thought I wanted to get into pocket scrapbooking and I purchased all these little stacks of paper. I never really got into pocket scrapbooking but I really liked the little papers and I’ve kept them safe in this drawer. It is convenient to be able to just pull the drawer out when I am working on ATCs or a project that needs “small.” So bring out the drawer I did.

I needed to make three cluster pieces for the swap and I thought I might like to work with a theme. The card that really caught my attention was the one that reads “Don’t be crabby” hahaha! These are the pieces I selected to build my three clusters.

Next, I sorted them into three stacks of pieces I thought would work well together. I knew I wouldn’t use all the pieces of paper, but I had a good assortment to make the three pieces happen. My theme? The beach.

You will probably notice this is a top view of a stack of books. What does that have to do with my theme of the beach? Well if you squint, these could look like a boardwalk. Yes?

So I ripped off the spines of the books and inked the edges. Also scuffed some ink over the paper surface to age my boards a bit.

Looking for a bit of texture and something to detract further from the book look, I brought out this ATC stencil.

Using my dab and stab technique, I added some texture with the cattail color of Dyestress Ink Pads.

Next came layering. I used scor tape to add these extra pieces to my base. Those edges were inked with the Caribbean color of Dyestress ink.

And I kept inking and layering.

Another boardwalk piece of paper and the word block. I love it! But not quite finished yet. I had the beach theme to carry across all three clusters, but I wanted one more detail to carry through.

I had these cute little flowers in my embellishments box. And I had it in three different colors 🙂 I attached this one with a Zots dot.

Cluster #2.

And cluster #3. Each were made using the same steps. And I was able to make all three in the space of about 30 minutes. I have so many projects going on right now, I needed to be able to make these quickly. I have no idea how they will be used by the swapper I send them to, but I am curious to find out! I can see me using clusters in my art journaling. Now that I know what a cluster is. Hahahahaha!

Have a great week!

15 thoughts on “Cluster Art

  1. Intriguing – never heard of cluster art either & like you, I’m curious how they will be used. That’s a real treasure trove of little pieces of paper you have in that box. You had me totally puzzled when you said you ripped the spines off the books, I wondered if they were physical books you had on a shelf & took the spines off to then take a photo, finally I twigged (is that US English?? – it means I got the message) that it was a piece of paper that you tore the sides off to remove the spines!!!! Monday morning – itis, must be .

  2. I once taught a class to homeless women and their teen age daughters how to use old magazines and junk mail as resourses for clip art. we would gather words, pictures, bits of color, and make them into greeting cards. How to turn the giant Oprah O into an umbrella, cut out a towell photo and lay it on top of torn sandpaper, and take our bits of blue to make the sea shore. Sales magazine, old wallpaper books, catalogs of all kinds. are great repurposing materials. They just went for it and soon were selling their cards they made for things they needed. Keep up the good work Alice you never know how a small thing will inspire someone to make something great.

    • thank you for sharing <3 that is true, we just never know what someone will take from what we share and what they will do with it. could be great things.

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