A 30 Mile Ride


Maine is beautiful this time of year. Well, Maine is always beautiful but especially so right now. Yesterday, Mark and I took the side by side out for a thirty mile ride and we saw a whole bunch of God’s wonderful goodness along the way!

A lot of our ride looked like this. In case you don’t know what a side by side is – we have a 4-wheeler, an ATV, that has sides and a roof and doors and a front seat we can both sit on. We like to go for a ride on Sunday afternoons whenever we can. Yesterday was a great day for a ride.

Most of the time you don’t have any idea what is up ahead. We actually passed 5 or 6 groups of other ATVs out for the day. Not a lot of room on these trails to pass so you just pull to the side as far as you can and hope for the best.

We rode this trail when Kali was here a couple weeks ago. This area was a deep mud hole filled with water. Kali and I almost turned over here. It was scary for a while there. And we had to do it twice because we had to get back home afterwards. Mark saw on Facebook that someone had filled this area with rocks. It was a piece of cake riding yesterday.

Which is not to say we didn’t have mud holes. Because we did. A lot of them! But not deep so it was alright.

And a lot of the trail was beautiful like this area.

No, we didn’t have to drive down this. We were on a little bridge made of planks and stopped to take this photo.

I liked it so much I took two photos! Hahahaha!

There was one stretch where the woods were pretty much open and there were ferns everywhere! For probably a quarter mile.

We passed right under this nest. Pretty cool!

This little bridge actually had rails on the sides. Nice.

This was the reason for our ride. I meant to take a photo before I started devouring but forgot till I was about half way through this Moose Tracks Reece’s sundae. So good. The Dairy Bar – where they use local product – is a favorite destination for many ATV riders here.

And then we headed back home. Those fields to the left will be harvested for hay before long. And those are wild raspberry bushes you see along the right. Next time we will take a bowl with us. There were several places where we stopped to pick some berries and didn’t even get out of the side by side. The bushes were close enough to pick from inside the vehicle.

I keep hoping to see a moose out here one day, but so far no luck.

There are always flowers of some variety blooming here once the snow is gone. Beautiful Black-eyed Susans and some white flowery something. You have to shoot pictures fast when you ride with Mark. Hahahahaha! Just another beautiful day in Maine. Have a great one today! We are expecting some winds and rain from the tropical storm to reach us either today or tomorrow. I expect it will be like any other rainy day here. Nothing compared to spending hurricane seasons in Florida.

16 thoughts on “A 30 Mile Ride

    • I love it here! Apparently we are going to get some of your hurricane. Sounds like about 20 mph winds and some rain. A little different Than the hurricanes we had in Florida.

  1. Looks like you had an amazing time, glad you managed the mud holes OK though. It all looks lovely and green.

  2. A very beautiful landscape to take a ride in and so much to inspire your art. A great day out in nature is good for the soul. thanks for sharing your outing. you take really great photos.

    • we love it here so much! and this time of year there are so many flowers blooming and wild apples and raspberries. it’s great

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