Glamour Additions, Week Seven


Week seven is going to be a fun one! We are working on techniques to take our tangling to the next level. And for this week that means stretching. Hahaha! Stretching outside my comfort zone and working with TransluZENce and TranZending! Let’s get started. Let’s start by looking at my pages for the week. We… Continue Reading

Neurotangle Art Journaling


I am still working on neurotangling over here in Maine. Doing a lot of other things, too, because my plate is always full. And neurotangling helps me relax. This week I needed to make a couple art journal pages for a swap and I thought neurotangling would fit the bill. Let me show you. I… Continue Reading

Glamour Additions, Week Six


This past week saw so many wonderful pieces of neurographic art being posted. I really enjoyed working this way and I expect it is a technique I will use over and over again. But now it is week six and we are moving on! Are you ready? I’ll start with my pages for the week…. Continue Reading

Working With Coins


Creative Crafty Friends has a lot of fun swaps going on this month! I signed up for at least seven! Eek! What was I thinking??? Hahahaha! What I want to show you today was my favorite swap! Coins. Think ATCs in the round. There were no guidelines, other than the 3.5″ circular coin base. We… Continue Reading

Neuro Tangling


Yesterday I gave you a lesson outlining neurographic art combined with tangling. I can not get over how addicting this is. Relaxing, calming, zone-right-out-and-draw! And it is so much fun! Today I want to show you the first piece of neurographic art I made. It started like this. Take a permanent black ink pen and… Continue Reading

Glamour Additions, Week Five


It’s week 5 in Glamour Additions. Originally we were going to do something different but this past week on Pinterest I learned about an art style called Neurographica. And I am addicted! So week five is all about neurographic drawing. Are you ready? Here are the pages I made for this week. Then I will… Continue Reading

Cluster Art


You may be wondering what cluster art is. Actually, I wondered that, too! Hahaha! Our swap group Creative Crafty Friends is currently working on cluster art and I didn’t know what that meant. I went to YouTube (of course) and watched a short clip and got straight to work. Let me show you what I… Continue Reading

Glamour Additions, Week Four


We are almost half way through our ten week journey! Learning how to glamorize our tangle art, how to take it to the next level! Here is the week four lesson and my pages as an example. Enjoy! We are working on Glamour Additions in the Facebook group Tangle All Around. Each week I give… Continue Reading

A 30 Mile Ride


Maine is beautiful this time of year. Well, Maine is always beautiful but especially so right now. Yesterday, Mark and I took the side by side out for a thirty mile ride and we saw a whole bunch of God’s wonderful goodness along the way! A lot of our ride looked like this. In case… Continue Reading

Smooshing With Acrylic Block


I showed you a smoosh technique for adding color to a tile a few days ago and someone mentioned I should try this with an acrylic block. So I did. And it worked great! Let me show you! My project started with a new set of markers. Specifically some Faber-Castell Albrecht Durer Artists’ Watercolor Markers… Continue Reading