Zen-untangled! Is a Done Deal!


Can you believe it? This is week 25 in our Zen-untangled! project. So many people have been faithful to the project and learning the 170 zentangle patterns. I am so super impressed by your steadfastness and loyalty. As my friend Rachel says . . . yippy skippy!!! And I may have spelled that wrong. Hahahaha!

We started the project on the first day of January. We took three breaks along the way and now we are working on this last week. For those of you who have joined the project through this website, notice there are just six patterns this week. Because that is all that was left! You have now learned 170 patterns!

Starting next weekend we will be working on a new project that I have dubbed Zen-untangled! Glamour Additions. We will be taking what we have learned so far and taking our tangling to the next level. A ten week project that will incorporate tangles from artists all around the world. Should be loads of fun! I hope you will join us at Tangle All Around on Facebook and get involved. Or you can follow along here each week.

I wanted to show you my completed book for Zen-untangled! I added so much it won’t close properly. For this next project I actually made a spiral mixed media book to use. It will close no matter how much I stuff into it. And if I need to put a larger spiral on it – I can! Hahahaha! Thank you once again for joining us in the journey. It has been incredible to see all your art and pages in your books. You make me proud! And a little teary-eyed.

16 thoughts on “Zen-untangled! Is a Done Deal!

  1. This has been an amazing project & one I’ve thoroughly enjoyed, even though I’ve had too much on my plate to take part. Seeing what everyone’s come up with has really been an encouragement. It’s been such a strange time with Covid that being able to get absorbed in a project like this was perfect. I do love the HQ tangles & have really enjoyed seeing your background comments to them. The next project looks great fun too. Thank you for all the hard work you put into running & monitoring this group as to safety. Think you might need a ‘ribbon closure’ to your book. A tremendous memento.

    • oh! I have some of those big elastics I could put around it! I know there is a way to cut the binding on the back and re-bind it but don’t know how. and afraid I’ll mess the whole book up. for now it is laying on a shelf in my closet

  2. Thank you Alice, I have enjoyed playing along and look forward to the next project

  3. It was a great project! I can’t wait for the Glamour Additions!
    Not only did I learn so many new tangles, I really learned to relax and enjoy the process!
    I can’t wait to finish my cover and post it.
    Thanks Alice! Tangle All Around is the best group ever! 😀❤️

    • I am so glad you are enjoying tangling! can’t wait to see your finished cover!

  4. I think it’s really fabulous, Alice, that you create projects for your “peeps” to create! The sense of participating in an activity with others is something wonderful to experience right now! My Zentangle Club and I are about half-way through a year-long challenge I call the “12 Themes Project”. There’s a different theme for every month (such as radial, woven, whimsy, flowing). I collect and send each batch of tile photos I receive and send it out to the group. It’s always a delightful surprise to see what my students come up with!

  5. It was a real challenge and I enjoyed it. Ok, sometimes I was kind of … hmmm, wondering about some patterns, but that is normal. And it is simply fantastic to have such a reference book. Thank you Alice. I enjoy and love this groupe. Oh, and I will be posting the last two weeks tomorrow.
    Greetings from Germany while waiting for the new project❣

    • karin, there is a new project starting tomorrow. hope you will join us for that as well <3

  6. how do I sign up for receiving your updates? I used to get your emails but went dark for a bit online.

    • currently there is no way. we have had so much trouble with the subscription service due to COVID. I even changed services but neither is working now. hopefully we will be able to figure something out soon.

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