Glamour Additions, Week One


Zen-Untangled! is all finished! But our journey isn’t over. Not by a long shot! For the next ten weeks we will be working on ways to glamorize our art. Glamour additions are enhancements and ways to embellish our art taking it to the next level! The sky is the limit! Let’s get started with week one.

I want to start by showing you my pages for the week, I’ll also show you the lesson blocks I shared in Tangle All Around. This is my title page. For Zen-untangled I worked in a bound book and found that I would not be able to close the book properly because I added so much stuff to my pages! Hahahaha! I love my book but I wanted to be able to work flatter this time around. So I made a book to use. I took Bristol Illustrated paper from Hahnemühle and cut the sheets in half. Two pages per sheet of paper. My pages are roughly 5.5″ tall by 7.5″ wide. Once I had a stack ready, I used my Bind-It-All machine to cut the holes and add the spiral. Now I have a great book with paper I can use any kind of media on, and it lays flat when I work in it. Those background bits of papers were colored using iZink Ink Sprays which were new for me and Waverly Craft Paint from Walmart. Inexpensive and it gives such beautiful colors! My Keeper of the Book lady is a digital stamp from Hannah Lynn that I colored with Copic markers and ran through my sticker machine.

For the first week, we are learning all about enhancers. The techniques we use to embellish and add to our tangles, making them look more finished. More complete. More ‘professional’ if you will. In week one, we are learning six enhancers. The first is the aura. In the zentangle method, a line that haloes or traces around the outside of a tangle is called an aura. This line is equidistant around the tangle, and follows the shape of the tangle and haloes it. You can use one aura or multiple auras. The aura can be a solid line, a broken line, a line of dots, it could even be a drop shadow of shading like an aura going around the tangle. 

The next enhancer is rounding which occurs when you smooth out the corners where lines meet in your drawing. Simply smooth out those corners with a rounded line and fill that area with ink. And rounding doesn’t have to be only round, it can take on other shapes as well.

In this next attachment, Betsy Wilson shows how she triangulates her corners. Can you think of other ways to ‘round’?

Perfs are next. Easy enough, perfs are a row of tiny circles. They can be used inside the tangle itself, or added around the outside of the tangle like an aura. Inside borders or frames, surrounding a tangle or an element in your drawing, anywhere you can add a row of tiny circles – these are perfs.  They are an easy enhancer.

Sparkles happen when you lift your pen and skip a tiny space before setting your pen back down to draw. They can literally look like your pen skipped when you were drawing or they can look intentional. I use sparkles in all my printemps. Start using them within the sections of your tangles themselves – sparkles can be added to every pattern. There are three examples in the next photo.

The last two enhancers are enthatching and dewdrops. Enthatching is a feathery, hatching technique made by flicking your pen tip lightly along the direction of the tangle. It adds dimension and movement. With a loose grip on your pen, start at one end or corner of your tangle and lightly flick away, typically towards a center point. You can see this in my sample of organic above and in the photo below. Flick towards the center. Enthatching can also act as shading. 

The last enhancer for this week is dewdrops. Dewdrops are a magnified version of a tangle within the same tangle. CZT Lynn Mead perfected this technique and has a tutorial posted here. Yay, me! I made my very first ever dewdrop! You can see that just above in my last page for the week.

I hope you will join us on Facebook at Tangle All Around and work through this two week session of Glamour Additions for our tangled artworks.

I need to tell you I have been having massive problems with my host site GoDaddy. COVID has not been kind to their business. I have not been able to make a post in a week because I could not connect to this site. Thank you to those who have asked where I’ve been. I have been trying like crazy to make this work. And it did today. Who knows about tomorrow? I am looking into other options for the future. Thank you for your faithfulness. I hope you have a great day!

10 thoughts on “Glamour Additions, Week One

  1. Thank you for sharing your Addition book with us. It helps with organizing ours.

    • it has taken me a week to get it posted but at least it’s there. have fun!

  2. Thank you Alice! I have started with a few. Will see how it goes.

  3. You are a highlight to my day! You make me feel connected to the outside at a time I fear going out. With my health issues right now, you truly are a lifeline to me. Thank you for you consistent presence as well as your beautifully created tangle art.

    • aw! thank you for your comments. I am glad I can help at such a time as this <3

  4. A super informative post & a really original project following on from all the tangle patterns. All sounds very frustrating with GoDaddy. Take care of yourself whilst you’re trying to sort it out.

    • thank you, it has been so frustrating. I don’t know why I was finally able to post yesterday after a solid week of trying but thankful it finally worked

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