Glamour Additions, Week 3


It is week three already in Glamour Additions! Unbelievable! A journey we are taking to improve our tangled art, to make it more polished, more finished, more complete. Here is what we are doing this week!

Let me begin by showing you my pages for this week. Not everyone will do this many pages, I just wanted to be sure a visual learner could look at my work and understand what to do. We are talking blocks and grids this week. Zentangle HQ calls them fragments and reticula, but honestly I have never been able to get those words to stick in my brain. But blocks and grids I can do all day long.

The book I am using is one I made myself. I used Bristol Illustrated paper from Hahnemühle and cut the pages to roughly 5.5″ tall x 8″ wide. Then I put a spiral on it with my Bind-It-All machine. A great tool to have!

The blocks are little bits of patterns that can be drawn in a repeating pattern, or by rotating the block inside the grid framework, or by mirroring the blocks or even alternating two different blocks.

Merryweather is one of my all-time favorite patterns. My friend Sandy Hunter designed it. Last year Sandy sent me this four-set of Bijou tiles and I promptly lost them. Sorry, Sandy. But they turned up recently – Sandy tangled two of the tiles and I tangled the remaining two using mostly her patterns. She has a lot of cool tangles!

We are working on this project in my Facebook group Tangle All Around. With the lesson each week, I also give them seven tangles to learn.

I took three blocks of patterns and placed them into the grid framework. That top one is Sandy’s Merryweather tangle – it worked great as a fragment or block!

Nemow is a brand new pattern that was just released last week. Perfect as a block to use in the grid framework!

Now let me walk you through the lesson. Fragments or blocks are merely little chunks of patterns that you can rotate, or mirror, or repeat within a grid framework to create a larger pattern.

Reticula or the grid framework should be drawn in ink. It becomes part of the pattern and inside that framework of either squares or circles or triangles – you place the blocks.

Stuck and need more direction? Zentangle HQ released this set of 50 blocks on their website. You can use any of these to fit into the grid framework. You can either repeat them, mirror them, rotate them or alternate two different blocks.

Here I took the I3 block and inserted it into my grid framework. I broke the framework down into four squares in each section and rotated my blocks in each section.

Same thing here. In each square section I drew the first block, then turned my paper – or rotated it – and drew the next block. Then turned and drew, then turned and drew.

I gave my group this string to work with. A square grid framework to fill with blocks. Blocks and grids OR fragments and reticula.

And here are the seven patterns for week 3.

Want to get involved? Come on over to Tangle All Around by clicking here and join us. I would love to see you there!

4 thoughts on “Glamour Additions, Week 3

  1. These are all so fabulous! You sound like me – I get something and promptly lose it for a month or two. It’s like a rite of passage for all new supplies.

  2. Your explanation & illustration of Fragments & Reticula is absolutely first rate. So good seeing the actual examples of rotating, mirroring, repeating……… I love playing around with these kinds of things.

    • I was surprised that I enjoyed putting these together. I’ve stayed away from them for so long.

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