Zen-untangled! Week 22


There are just four more weeks left in the Zen-untangled! project. In my Facebook group Tangle All Around we are learning all 170 zentangle patterns and creating wonderful keepsake books we can one day pass on to someone we love. It is not too late to join us. The project will never go away. Let me show you what I did for week 22.

Each week I am trying to include a piece of art from a friend. I had been saving these in a folder – this way I can enjoy them every time I flip through my Zen-untangled book. For week 22, I pulled pieces from a mother-daughter duo to include. The dragon tag was made for me by Phillis Rosenthal. I just love that she loves dragons as much as I do! Hahaha! She does! And she sent me this tag she made for me! The gelli print underneath was made by her daughter Beth Broadway. It is the last one I have from Beth. I think I’ve used 4 of her gelli prints in this book. I do have a few tags that will show up in the next book I will work on.

The deli paper gel prints in the background were made by Pamela Shappell. Over the past five or six months I have watched her grow as an artist and she is pretty inspiring! She loves color and spunk and sass as much as I do! The dragon is a digital stamp I found on Pinterest, printed out on Bristol Illustration paper from Hahnemühle and colored with Copic markers.

Each week I give the group a set of patterns and a string to work with. And I try to give them a tidbit of information about each pattern – when I can find information.

I thought this week’s string looked like a crown so that is what I went with. Hahahaha! A beautiful floral crown. It is not too late to join in on the learning. Just click here and answer a couple questions that tells me you are actually a person and not a hacking computer – and I will let you in. Hope to see you there!

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19 thoughts on “Zen-untangled! Week 22

    • Thank you, Sandra, I’m trying to figure out which book to work in next.

  1. Beautiful pages, Alice!! I LOVE how you colored the digital dragon stamp! Do you prefer alcohol markers to watercolor markers? If so, why?

    • Thanks, Jan, I don’t have a preference. I just happen to have a load of Copics.

    • I wanted it somewhere safe – where it wouldn’t get lost or messed up. thank you again <3

  2. Thanks for sharing. I owe you a few art journal pages and will send more gelli prints! I have some of the new dylusions paints…they are right up your alley. And you have been super sweet to my mom and I am truly grateful. She loves your work and your continued encouragement. I owe a lot of my current art journey to you because you introduced me to color in tangling and it morphed into what i create now. Thank you so much.

    • Beth, I love what you create now! I watch for your art on instagram 🙂 it makes me happy! and I love your mom – I wish we could meet one day face to face. I’d give her a huge hug!

  3. Love the crown/tiara effect. The minimal colouring is so so effective, just those little pops of colour really catch the eye. Your placement of the dragon image is absolutely perfect – his open jaw leads into those longitudinal diamond shapes with draw the eye to icanthis which makes it look as if he’s breathing fire! Those brown spots in the deli print echo his scales superbly.

    • Envy, you know this crown really reminds me of the crown of life. At first I thought the crown they placed on Jesus’ head. But with the growth on the crown I think it’s more like a crown of life.

  4. Alice Thank you for the promptss – I always enjoy your work – and the dragons are fantastic. Jenny

    • thanks, Jenny,i had been saving the dragons for a week with a pattern that would work well on them and I thought ‘nzeppel was the one 🙂

  5. Alice, a revisit – are there only 6 this week? or am I miscounting? Jenny X

    • There were 7. One called Juke just didn’t work for me. So I didn’t include it in my book. Sorry

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