Zen-untangled! Week 20


We are moving fast with our Zen-untangled! project. Week twenty of twenty-five weeks. We will take a break week next week then finish the last five weeks strong! Learning all 170 zentangle patterns and making beautiful books to help us remember. Let me show you my week 20 pages.

I love the patterns this week! I tried to group them in sets of seven that work well together. Wasn’t always successful but it worked this week. I made this background using bleeding tissue paper and water, on Hahnemühle‘s Harmony hot pressed watercolor paper. The mermaid is a digital stamp colored with Copic markers.

This tissue colored background page is one I included in More Tangle Starts. I really like this background and wanted to include it in my keepsake tangle book. And this little mermaid is one of my favorite digital stamps! The tangles this week work great for underwater themes and garden themes, as well as tangling using a string.

I kept my tile for the week simple. The tile itself came to me from Jules Mack. I’ve used several of her tiles in my book so far.

I recently noticed I never posted my pages for week 11. I have several people working the project from here on this website. Not Facebook users and that is ok. I just don’t want them to miss out on these awesome week 11 patterns.

Finery is one of my favorite tangles from Zentangle.

This was a fun piece from Joggles that I watercolored using my Schmincke colors. This girl needs to get a little sun on those shoulders. Hahahaha!

Here is the full page. Love the rice paper background! I think I posted about how I did this earlier.

And my tiles for the week. That catches me up with the project. Break week next, then we will go hard for five weeks. I am really loving my book! I may do a video reveal of the entire thing at the end. I wonder if I remember how to do that. Hahahahaha!

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14 thoughts on “Zen-untangled! Week 20

  1. Alice –
    These pages are wonderful!
    What is a digital stamp?

    • Thanks! A digital stamp is one you purchase online and print out. Doesn’t take up room on your shelves that way. I keep all mine in a folder on my computer. I can size them and make them any size I want. You can find a lot of them on Pinterest, too.

  2. That last tangled flower from aquafleur is a real beauty & I think that page has got to be my most favourite of all your book so far – I’m so pleased you posted it. The soft wispy tone of the flower fits in beautifully with the floral background.

    • those pages of rice paper are so much fun to work with. forgiving if you don’t get it just right. those tiles are some of my favorite and I wanted them saved in a special place

  3. Alice
    Thank you so much for the prompts – I’m so enjoying the project – Thanks for including your week 11. Greatly appreciated


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