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When Creative Crafty Friends posted a prompt for a washi tape ATC my brain went straight to some sampler journal pages I made last year. I grabbed my washi organizers and got straight to work!

My plan was to entirely cover up the ATC base. Just in case there were going to be any gaps, I thought a black 2.5″ x 3.5″ base would be the ticket! The only other accessory I wanted was some bling! Years ago, Michael’s discontinued a bunch of bling pieces and was selling them for twenty-five cents each. And I hadn’t used one in a long time. This butterfly is the one I chose to work with.

I knew I wanted to go with florals because of the butterfly. In my Animal Crossing: New Horizons video game I am playing, the butterflies flock around the flowers. Hahaha! So I needed lots of flowers for my awesome butterfly! I tore off a strip and added it in place, wrapping the ends around to the back.

And I just kept stacking. Overlapping here and there. Yes, that one strip is a little bit crooked. Oh well. It just is.

I have some beautiful oriental floral tapes and I included a couple here. The black washi is really striking in person. And the violet one just under the trees is my favorite of all my washi tapes.

As with all my ATCs, I inked the edges. Hahahaha! With black Archival ink. Seriously, I had no idea if the color would adhere to the washi tape, but it did great!

And because I wanted to grunge it up a bit, I used a cattail colored Dyestress Ink Pad to scuff some color on the surface and a little on the edges.

Here I was playing with placement for the butterfly. These pieces are stuck onto clear acetate, so it is easy to move the element around without worrying about it actually sticking in place.

You can see in this photo how the gems are set up as a unit. Underneath them is one solid adhesive piece of clear. Really makes it easy to deal with. Just lift it gently off the acetate . . .

. . . and pop it into place! This butterfly is stuck forever. Hahaha! A fun, quick ATC to put together and I really love it! All my colors, my favorite washi tape, some bling and ink! What more could you ask for?

12 thoughts on “Washi Tape ATC

  1. The inking & scuffing worked so well on this & I can see you were in your element with the washi background. Your ‘bling’ is an amazing example, don’t think I’ve ever seen one like this before. Amazing price & such a good centrepiece for the ATC size.

    • I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to try this butterfly bling. I guess I was concerned it would fall apart but it did not. yay!

  2. I LOVE your design…but am I the only one who says this is a dragonfly…not a butterfly? I am obsessed with dragonflies. My mom told me she would come around and visit me as on orange dragonfly. She has… SEVERAL times. And she absolutely in love with flowers! So on my radar this is amazing! Oh yeah, BTW orange dragonflies are not supposed to be in my area…just blue and green. That’s how I know she has been here. Keep up the wonderful work!

      • Still absolutely love your creations. Some just reach out and touch the soul. As for the type of insect, we all have our loves…😏

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