Two Pattern Tangling


Pieces of art with loads of tangles and gorgeous patterns are wonderful and I love to make them but I don’t always have the time or motivation. Let’s face it. These days it is hard to keep focus but I wanted to tangle something. Two patterns are two more than I had been doing for days now. Hahaha! It’s true! Let me show you what I did.

I found this new journal at Joggles. It is made by Jenine and has 26 sheets of watercolor paper in a wrap around, ring bound format. I find it is easier to work if you remove the page from the book first. But watch your hands, those rings are super tight and will pinch you in a hurry! Working with my Schmincke colors and a water filled brush I just started adding random blobs of color.

Working on dry paper, I just kept adding blobs and stacking them.

Until the whole 6″ x 6″ block was filled with beautiful color. I didn’t worry about the sharp lines and crisp edges. I had a plan in mind. A plan that included just two tangles.

But first I sprayed water over the entire piece and let it sit until dry. You can see with the bright blue squiggle in the upper right – some feathering is starting to happen. A little was ok, but I wasn’t going for a lot of movement which is why I used very little water. I still wanted separate blocks of color.

Here it is completely dry. The papers in this book have heavier texture on one side and smoother on the back. I worked on the back of this page. Those heavier textures can be a little much for my pen nibs.

My first tangle was crescent moon. You can see here how I just went with little blocks of color, lined around them and added the little moons with auras.

Then I started stacking crescent moons areas, attaching them to bits of already tangled sections.

I kept adding sections of crescent moon, building and layering until I liked how it looked. All the leftover areas got filled with printemps. And I hid my chop/ signature in there, too. Two pattern tangling. Fun and satisfying. <3

18 thoughts on “Two Pattern Tangling

    • thank you, phillis, it was fun and just what I needed to do at the time 🙂

  1. Ah – ‘Classic Alice’ & I found your chop buried in its usual camouflage. Some of those Crescent Moon patches look like craters, I wouldn’t like to be trying to cross this landscape. Imagine falling into a Crescent Moon pit!

  2. Fun piece! Of course when you said that you had hidden your chop in there, I had to blow up the size and try to find it. I think I did. . . .

    Again, thanks for sharing!

    • You’re welcome, I had someone steal my art before so I hide my chop in there to prove it’s mine.

  3. Fabulous piece, Alice! It looks so much more complicated than it was to create it! I’m looking forward to creating something with this technique. 🙂

    • I’d love to see it when you do 🙂 posting another 2 tangle piece later today

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