Things to come. Things to look forward to. Pointing to the future, not today. Looking ahead to better days by way of the arrow. Pointing us towards better. The ATC prompt was arrow and I thought the words to be fitting.

I began with my collage drawer of leftovers and pulled some pieces together. And I brought out every arrow I could find.

I used the pansy color in the Dyestress Ink line to color the edges of the strips I thought I would use. The piece I chose for the ATC base was really fun with all the look of texture it already had built right into it.

My process was a simple one. Add one strip at a time.

And add some black Archival ink on those edges. You will notice here that the base has both pansy and black ink along its sides.

And I layered strips, building some depth into my ATC.

Remembrance of things to come, a hopeful insight in today’s world. I was happy I found so many cool arrows to use.

Extra details were added with Jane Davenport’s Paint Over Pens and Posca Paint Markers. But those sides needed some help. Wonky shapes. Hahahaha!

So I tried to trim the sides evenly. Better, not perfect. But I like the way the ATC turned out. And the best part? I get to keep it!

18 thoughts on “Remembrance

    • thanks, Priscilla, be sure to check out tomorrow’s post <3 or tonight, depending on when you are online

  1. I like the double layer of dots you added on the pink arrow’s white dots…..& the way you made another arrow with the pink dots to the right of the brown arrow, in fact there are 3 extra arrows there for each side of dots adds another arrow as well as the outline, but it was the one on the far right that drew my eye in the first place.

  2. Love it! And yes . . . it does remind me of the bright lights of Broadway!

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