Pretty in Pink


When the prompt is pink, seriously there are just way too many options! Hahahaha! But the saying ‘pretty in pink’ kept coming to mind. So that is what I decided on for this day’s ATC.

I began with this lovely piece of scrapbook paper that had some flowers I really like! And cut out a 2.5″ x 3.5″ piece for my ATC base. The inking around the edges was done with a Fruit Punch color of Dyestress Ink Pad.

Looking for more texture, I used black ink from Daler Rowney with a fan brush to make splatter spots. Splatter? Spatter? Does it really make a difference which I call it? Hahahaha!

I started with two collage sheets from Joggles. The feather came from this one and the cat came from this sheet. Running them through the sticker machine literally turned them into stickers. I trimmed the pieces out and put them into place. Those scrabble style letters are something I’ve had a long time. The flower is a brad.

And all that was left to do to make this complete was to add a little black ink in a couple spots along the edges. Oh! And put it into my notebook because I totally get to keep this one, too!

10 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink

  1. I do like the peachy orange combined with the pink, white & black. The alphabet tiles are really effective juxtaposed at opposing diagonals, much more interesting than one above the other.

    • Haha! Old scrapbooking tip. Don’t try to line them up straight because it never works.

  2. Just darling, Alice!! Your sense of design ALWAYS delights me. πŸ˜€

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