Memory Lane


You know that saying a stroll down memory lane? Today’s post was just that for me. A reminiscent stroll through some tangling and color memories in order to make an ATC for the prompt of Circle.

When I saw the prompt, I thought about lollipops, balls, pizza, hahaha! you know. Round things. But I just wasn’t feeling it. As I looked through the desk drawers for inspiration, I came across a couple circle punches and knew I had found what I was looking for. I pulled out a bag of of leftover scrap color pieces and even small bits of tangling chopped off of larger pieces and selected some I really liked. Scraps with good memories, that brought a smile to my face. Those acrylic pieces I made for a Joanne Sharpe class. Those gelli print scraps I loved so much I couldn’t throw away. Pieces of watercolor I cut off because the overall piece was larger than I wanted. Then I hacked them up with my circle punches.

The next step was to run the larger pieces through my small sticker machine. These strips look a little different from the strips that come out of my larger machine. These have a clear plastic oversheet that you smooth down with your hand, then remove. After that it is as simple as peeling off each circle and sticking it in place on the ATC.

I started with a white ATC backing – 2.5″ x 3.5″ in size. And I just started putting circle elements in place. Some were not full circles, so I put those down first along the edges.

And I kept adding until all the white was covered up. I tried spacing the tangled parts around so there was a fairly equal mix of tangled and not.

I needed something to ‘finish’ the ATC, so I inked all the edges with black Archival ink. But it still needed something.

With my technical pen from Zebra Pen, I drew around each circle element – setting each one apart and making each one its own individual circle. And I was done. Easy peasy and I really like the results. And the best part is – I get to keep this one!

For those of you following Zen-untangled!, this is a break week. I’m trying to let people catch up before we complete the last five weeks back to back. So for this week I gave seven strings that members could play with if they were already caught up. Or just wanted something different to do. I thought I’d post them all here for you, too.

A nice mix of mandalas, traditional zentangle, and some geometrics. Next week we jump right back into Zen-untangled! The project where we are learning every one of the 170 zentangle patterns and making awesome, fun, treasure keepsake books to pass down to our kids or whoever. Sharing the tangle love, so to speak. Want to join us? Click here and you will be transported to Tangle All Around where you can get started! Hope to see you there!

12 thoughts on “Memory Lane

  1. So how long have you been seeing these spots?
    Just teasing, but that is a lot of pretty circles!

  2. Nice!
    So many ideas, so little time! Hahaha!
    I want to do some of the ATC’s soon!

    • I know that’s right! hahahaha! I think you will enjoy making ATCs. doesn’t require a lot of time and you really feel like you accomplished something

  3. Brilliant idea with the linework around each circle (or part of) which ties in beautifully with the tangled pieces as well as the inked edges. Nice you get to keep this one too.

    • I have enjoyed working on the ones I get to keep but I have run out of steam at this point. hard to gain focus on anything.

      • You’ve been doing loads of ATCs – so hope you can take a break from those. It’s a strange time altogether in many ways so take care of yourself. Thinking of you.

  4. Your circles ATC is fabulous!! I love to learn the “trails” you follow as you proceed through your creation process. On this one, outlining each circle made ALL the difference!

    • I worry that people will find my trails tedious and repetitive, so thank you for this comment 🙂

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