Mandala Stencil Art


Not long ago, my friend Priscilla showed me this cool new set of stencils for mandala making. I ordered a couple and thought about what I wanted to do with them. Easy to use and so many options are available. Let me show you what I made.

The main stencil is called Four Gates Mandala and is available at Stencil Girl. You can read my post about it here. I combined this stencil with the Chakra set of stencils to make this template. All the stencils are available here. Super simple. This line drawing could have been more detailed, this is what I opted to go with.

This page was taken from my Jenine’s book from Joggles. I showed you a smaller version a couple days ago. These books are great for mixed media. Specifically I wanted to work with watercolors.

Nice and easy. Due to the weight of the paper I had no curling or warping. These are really nice books to work with. I love that I can remove the page, then put it back in the book when I am done.

I guess that blue border could have been a little smoother. Hahahahaha! Oh well, no worry. Right?

I went basic with tangles because . . . just like you . . . I worry about messing things up. Hahahahaha! I do! I need to make another of these mandalas because this one was really fun!

10 thoughts on “Mandala Stencil Art

    • they really are and there are so many ways to use them. besides. stencils. hahahaha! cause I don’t have enough of them

  1. Love the colors, so bright and cheerful. That stencil looks like a lot of fun . . . I may have to take a look at it. Anyway, as always, thanks for sharing. I love to see what you are doing!

  2. Interesting to see that you shaded the blue border but not the other tangles – makes it even more striking like this, especially since those uneven watercolour patches in the border vanished as a result of the shading.

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