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It’s been a good week in the yard. A good week of wildlife and stealth camera captures. Not long ago I showed you a bear and moose in our back yard. Yep. Right outside our back door. Hahaha! I love Maine so much! Here is what showed up this week.

On our anniversary and after we were already asleep – this fox strolled through. Looks to me like he is tracking something. I guess they do that.

The next night this little raccoon came through in the same spot. Maybe he was tracking the fox. Hahaha!

Just a few hours later – it is daylight here at 4 AM – this guy came through the back yard. He is coming from the area of the bear cave towards the house. Scrawny and thin – he needs the apples to hurry up and get ready.

Less that an hour later this buck with tiny little nubby antlers walked that exact same path.

And this was a day later – going the other direction. We also saw chipmunks, a ground hog and a load of crows because they are everywhere! And I also found a couple dragons in our front yard. But that’s ok, they are there every day. Hahahahaha! Maine life. It’s the best!

14 thoughts on “Maine Life

  1. We don’t see nearly the animals we used to, here – even domestic ones. Cats and dogs are kept inside, farm animals are zoned out of the neighborhoods and the wildlife is chased off. I get lots of birds in my backyard, but seldom see any animals. It makes me sad.

    • When we first moved here we saw a larger variety of Animals. Even so this is a pretty good year so far.

  2. Love your wildlife shots! That fox is much different looking than the ones that come to my yard.

  3. As always, I love your pictures. Are moose usually that scrawny or is it a baby? Or after winter weight loss? We don’t see moose any place I have ever lived! Thanks

    • Thanks. Full grown moose – scrawny due to winter. They get to be huge animals

  4. Terrific variety & so interesting to see what you have passing through. That moose does look like he needs feeding. Thank you for a glimpse into the natural world around you.

    • Mark thinks the moose is probably a year old. He still has a lot of growing to do

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