Dotted Duo Tangling


A few days ago I showed you a piece of tangle art I made using just two patterns. Today’s post features a different color technique for the background and still just two tangles for the design. A completely different look made with the same idea in mind.

Jane Davenport just released a new product and I had to try them out. Ladybug Dotters. The description online didn’t give me a good idea of the size of the dots. I ordered these thinking I could use them for dot art – sadly no.

The sponge applicators are way too big for what I had in mind originally. The little sponge tip is white to start with. You prime the ink and send it down into the sponge by dabbing the marker on some paper.

I’ve never been real impressed with most of Jane’s products. The paint over pens are the only one I’ve used on a semi-regular basis. The caps on these dotters were all loose when I opened the package but I didn’t have any color leakage, which was good. The plastic wrappers around each barrel are loose and one is almost all the way off the pen.

I began with a scrap of mixed media paper – probably about 100 lb in weight – and primed every pen. You literally hold the sponge end to the paper and squoosh it up and down. The ink runs down into the sponge and you get color. Those white dots in the centers are where I was still trying to get the color to fill in on the sponge. Once it did I got pretty good consistent results. The next test for me is always – does it bleed through to the back. Remember this was a piece of inexpensive low weight paper.

Yay! For the most part they did not bleed through. Just that one little spot of orange.

So I brought out a page from my Jenine’s Journal and played some. I used every color – even black and brown! Hahahaha! The colors really are this bright and beautiful. And I was able to make dots in various sizes. Those overlapping areas are where I was trying to see if the colors would blend. If the under color was dry – they did not mix. If the under color was still wet – I got a little blending. They dry really fast. And the inks are transparent so you can see any work underneath. To get an idea of the dot sizes – this is a 6″ square sheet of paper.

Jenine’s paper is 120 lb. and there was no bleed through at all. This photo does give you a better view of the papers in the Jenine’s Journal. One side has a lot of texture like this. The other side is smoother and that is the side I use to tangle on. Trying to protect my pens. Hahahaha! Cause I am rough on them!

So I flipped it over and got busy. And yes, this is just two tangle patterns. From Julie Beland – I love her patterns! – they are ping pong and Beauchamp. Both tangles are going to be in my next book. (Yayayayay!!!) As well as several of Julie’s other tangles. So there you have it. Ladybug Dotters and two pattern tangling. It’s like a shot of caffeine straight into the arteries. Hahahahaha!

12 thoughts on “Dotted Duo Tangling

  1. Love the bright, bold colors. I’ll be interested in knowing if these dotters continue to work well. I’ve had problems with other brands in the past clogging up and not working well about half way through the ink.

    • Jane says if the sponge tips get hard and stop working to run warm water over them

  2. I really like the intensity of the colors, and i love the two tangles really compliment it. especially the thick and thin lines in black that define some of the shapes.

    • thanks, maxine, this was an easy project and I’m glad you noticed the contrast I was going for <3

  3. Perfectly picked tangles – the black contrast is badly needed with all those colours dotting themselves about. Strange concept those pens – can’t imagine what they’re intended for.

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