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The prompt in Creative Crafty Friends this time was digital dolls ATCs. Digital stamps of girls turned into 2.5″ x 3.5″ pieces of art. Right up my alley, yes? I knew exactly what I wanted to do. And to get started I pulled out some of those cards I showed you yesterday.

First of all I made my digi dolls. A few years ago I purchased quite a few digital stamps from an artist called the Saturated Canary. I love her art! I wish she still made these stamps available, but she does not. I needed three ATCs, so I picked three images.

After printing them out, I brought out my Copic markers for the color. Fun! I didn’t worry too much about coloring outside the lines because my plan was to run the girls through the sticker machine and cut them out.

I have decided when I make ATCs for a swap that I would make at least one to keep. This girl just called my name, so I made two of her. One to swap and one to keep.

These are some of the cards I showed you yesterday. All I did extra was ink the edges, add some words, and an outline sticker.

Aren’t they adorable? I kept the one all the way to the right for myself. I used this card as an example yesterday showing my dab and stab technique with the stencil. So much fun! And easy, too.

My daughter is arriving tomorrow. Haven’t seen her in two years. She will be here for a week so you might not hear from me for a bit. I will try to post my week 23 pages for Zen-untangled tomorrow. Hopefully. Stay safe, everyone!

6 thoughts on “Digi Dolls ATCs

  1. Enjoy your time together – 2 years is a LONG time so I’m glad she’s staying for a week. You’ll have lots to talk about. I can see why you kept the one you did – that’s my favourite of these. Saturated Canary images are so distinctive aren’t they? Those bright colours really suit the images so the backgrounds are a perfect match strangely as I’d have thought a plain background instinctively – that’s what’s so fascinating about how you put things together – you push boundaries with amazing results.

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