A Green ATC


I had no idea what to do with the prompt of green for an ATC. What did I do? Pulled out my collage drawer, turned it upside down on my desktop, and started putting everything back in one piece at a time. Along the way I came across a few green items that I thought might work. Let me show you.

This grow word block is a leftover from days long ago. I believe it originally came from Cloth World as part of a package of words. It had a green background and I thought it might be a good starting place. The chiyogami paper strip came from a pack of papers I got in Toronto several years ago at the Japanese Paper Place. Awesome business if you ever get the opportunity to tour it. Kudos to Cherryl Moote for getting us in there. I spent $400 on paper. It was amazing!

I cut the word block to the size of 2.5″ x 3.5″ for my ATC and inked the edges with a black Archival ink pad. That really made those letters stand out.

Unfortunately I decided not to use the word. Hahahaha! I slapped a strip of scor tape right down the middle . . .

. . . and adhered the chiyogami paper. I have no idea what those characters say. Probably something like ‘buy our paper!’ Hahahaha! A scrap of dictionary paper and a green tab scrap worked great! And some additional ink, of course.

This was my best find in the collage drawer. From Joggles, I ran this little panda through the sticker machine, then trimmed her out. Isn’t she adorable?

I swear she was made for this green ATC!

The only addition here is the word block beautiful. And I was almost done.

A white gel pen and a micron gave some accent dots and I now have an ATC I love! Probably one of my all-time favorites and it was so easy to put together!

10 thoughts on “A Green ATC

  1. You are SO creative, Alice!! Your work never ceases to amaze me. Just curious, in your paragraph about the Japanese Paper Place, you mentioned Cherryl “Moose” … might you have meant Cherryl “Moote”?? 🙂

  2. Those accent dots really bring this together & I had to chuckle over the panda – she certainly fits perfectly. I like the way her ear points up to the tab into the upside down ‘V’ & likewise the way her headband feather points to the tip of the tab. Placement is key!!

    • you catch things that I do without thinking about what I’m doing. like the placement. I just know when it looks like the right spot. <3

  3. I’ll just add that it’s knowing your process that makes your posts so fascinating to read – the way that those dots on the word ‘beautiful’ made such a difference & weren’t there on the original piece of paper. When you see a completed ATC it’s not always easy to see what the artist has added (or not) to the various elements that go to make up the whole.

    • that is true, often I have looked at other people’s art and wondered how they made it. it really is easy when you break it down to one step at a time

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