Zen-untangled! Week 16


We are over halfway through Zen-untangled! Twenty-five weeks of documenting the 270 zentangle patterns and making wonderful treasure books to remind us of our journey. Today I want to share my week sixteen pages with you.

On Facebook, in Tangle All Around, we are working on this project as a group. Many people are posting their work each week and many more are working the project but not sharing their pages. It is not a requirement. I just want all the members – we just hit 6,500 members a couple days ago – to be familiar with the tangles presented by Zentangle® HQ. I have asked them to consider keeping their work in a book specifically for this purpose. And they can do the project in any method they wish. I am making mine a combination of art journaling, scrapbook pages and junior-high-school-glue-stick-on-a-page version. Hahahaha! And each way is perfect!

Each week I give the group seven tangles to learn. I am drawing the actual steps for each pattern in my book. This way I can always remember how to draw the tangle. Tangle and pattern are both words for the same thing. And if this book gets passed down to a granddaughter she will be able to pick the book up and draw all the tangles just by following the steps. A treasure book for me and maybe a keepsake for a grandchild one day. I am thinking about continuing this process after the project is completed and making another book of my favorite tangles from other artists. I have four granddaughters.

I also give them a string to tangle each week. This is the piece of art I made for The 100 Day Project – using the string for week sixteen. I like including a piece of art from a friend each week. This week’s art is a collage piece from Rachel Foster. Rachel sends me happy mail every couple months and I just knew this piece would be perfect for my Zen-untangled! journal.

Interested in joining us for Zen-untangled!? Just click here and join in. My group is a friendly, fun and encouraging bunch of people. People just like you wanting to learn and develop a skill. We would be thrilled to have you join us!

10 thoughts on “Zen-untangled! Week 16

  1. Your pages are gorgeous!! Thanks for this wonderful journey!

  2. I am in the un-zentangle project and absolutely love it! It’s not time consuming and push’s me to have just a little art each week! I’ve been watercoloring in it and writing a quote of the week. I’ll treasure it especially during the covid 19

    • so glad you are joining us with the project! your book is going to be a wonderful keepsake! Alice

  3. That string tile ties in superbly with the floral spray on Rachel’s collage piece – the background paper for the page ties in nicely too. Your floral stickers are lovely mirrored corner pieces for the double spread & accentuate the black solid areas of each respective tangle. Definitely a case of Less is More with the double spread of step-outs for the white space enhances the impact of each tangle – like the way you’ve edged Tidings in black so it looks like the patterned paper is woven through the back of that little tile.

    • thanks for the comments, Evy, you make it worth all the effort I put into it. don’t you love Rachel’s collage work? I may use a couple more before I’m done

  4. Thank you so much for your lovely blog and Facebook group.I have really enjoyed your beautiful unzentangle book.I have kept up with mine and I am full of gratitude for your Unzentangle project. I have been so happy to finally draw every Zentangle tangles from HQ….and I really love the history about each one.Thank you I truly appreciate this wonderful project.Thank you so much for keeping me inspired during my tangling Journey!

    • Are welcome. It has been a journey for sure. We are all learning so much.

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