World Unity


Collage and art journal elements come from a variety of places. In today’s post you will see me use a simple clothing tag to tie together a two page journal spread with a common theme. World unity. Something we really need more of.

These two art journal pages were made for a swap. Of course. Hahahaha! I get my best ideas that way. I started with a gelli plate monoprint from a stack of pages I used to make my latest book More Tangle Starts. The swap called for two 5″ x 7″ pages so I cut my page in half and trimmed the two pieces to size.

These pages had a lot of dark contrasting with the white areas. I needed something to pull it all together, so I grabbed my black Archival ink pad . . .

. . . and inked the edges of both pieces. Effectively making two separate and complete pages, yet still a unit.

Next I sorted through some acrylic scraps and came up with this piece which I cut in half. One for each part of the whole. Fruit punch sounded like a good choice for inking the edges of each.

Just enough pink to pull up the slight pinks in the monoprint. And I figured to offset them on the two pages. But first . . .

. . . to decide what else to use. I knew I wanted people. Or animals. Or animals pretending to be people. Hahahaha! So I grabbed a bunch of collage sheets from Joggles and started looking. I had saved that clothing tag you see in the middle for some time now. Probably a year or more. Just waiting for the right opportunity and this was it.

I decided on these four characters – primarily because they were shorter than 7″ and would fit on my page. I did do a little surgery on one to make it work. Here they are after going through the sticker machine.

A lot of boring color. Drab, flat, olive, ick. But I could fix that.

After trimming out my lineup – hahahahaha! cop joke – I removed the sticker backing and put them into place. The girl poodle was too tall, so I chopped off her knees and slid her legs up under skirt to make her shorter. The bird man was tall, so I slid him all the way to the bottom and removed the underside of his shoes to make him fit. And that World Unity tag worked great fitting across the two pages, tying them together with a theme. How do you like my lollipop sun?

But the colors were still boring. Watercolors and a water brush to the rescue. The trick when painting on these collage sheets is a light hand with the wet.

Sometimes I use markers, for this time I used Schmincke watercolor.

And they look much better! Not a big fan of the right hand page, but it looks better when paired with the left.

I still needed to tie things together a bit more, so I brought out a technical drawing pen from Zebra Pen and drew around several of the monoprint florals.

And that looked much better. In the open areas I added some outline stickers and some word phrases from Tim Holtz. And I finally felt like the pages were complete. World unity – wow! What a timely phrase. To all of you reading this – stay safe, be mindful of your actions, and be kind. Say a nice word to someone you see today. Even if it is just online and not in person. Everyone matters.

8 thoughts on “World Unity

    • Thanks, Priscilla, I get discouraged easily so it is great to read your comment

  1. 🥰 your description of your process is as entertaining as the finished project. Love it ❣️

  2. Oh I laughed at the way those words are so apt for the aniople, yes I agree they look a lot more comfortable on the page after being coloured. Superb contrast between the poodle’s yellow & the lilac-pink of the background. The outline stickers in black really are a stylish addition tying in with your pen outlining. Thinking of you, take care.

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