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Creative Crafty Friends currently has a list of ATC prompts for each day of May. I am having a hard time fitting them all into my schedule, but have been able to do quite a few of them. When I saw the prompt for vintage I wasn’t sure I wanted to do that one. Vintage reminds me of old, boring, dull color and I am so not about any of those. Hahahaha! But I went for it anyway!

To get started, I brought out some papers and ephemera with vintage vibes.

These two seemed like they would make a great base for my ATC. The ledger sheet got cut down to 2.5″ x 3.5″ which is the overall size of an artist trading card. The music piece of scrapbook paper went through the sticker machine. If this is a new concept to you – the sticker machine literally turns whatever you put through it into a sticker with an adhesive backing.

After tearing off a chunk of the music paper, I removed the paper backing and adhered it to my ATC. A little crooked, but that’s ok. I took a cattail color Dyestress Ink Pad and inked all the edges and scuffed some over the top to age the whole block.

A little balance was called for, so I tore a piece of this cute floor-looking paper and made a corner. And added more cattail ink.

With my base built, it was time to decide what to add. I wish I remembered who, someone in the swap group sent me that cute little envelope made from a book page. That for sure had to go on this ATC. The other elements you see are all from Tim Holtz and Ranger. I figured I could stuff some of those kids into the envelope. Hahahahaha! For safe keeping!

That tiny envelope looked pretty huge on the ATC. And yes, it hangs over the side, but that is ok, too. I had a plan!

But first I stuffed my people inside. They are adhered with little strips of scor tape to keep them in place.

Remember the right side of the envelope overhanging the edge? Yep! I just lobbed it off with some scissors. Then inked the edge and scuffed some color across the surface of the envelope. I wanted the whole ATC to have that aged, grungy look.

But there was a whole lot of boring at the bottom of my ATC that needed to be dealt with. Perhaps this card stock bouquet could fill that area?

Absolutely! Adhered with scor tape and trimmed around the edges, then inked with cattail. But still boring overall. Dull and drab.

But first, those kids reminded me of cousins. Little cousins from my childhood. Hahaha! The one on the left looks just like my cousin Melba. And it looks like my mom cut their bangs! Poor kids! Hahahaha! I used my little alphabet stamp set to add the family name of Mills.

And element wise my ATC looked complete. Complete but still drab. And you know how much I love color! Out came my watercolors to add a little oomph to those flowers and I called it a day! Vintage was looking a little better! I wonder what today’s ATC prompt is going to be!

10 thoughts on “Vintage ATC

  1. I so enjoy how you put pieces together to tell a story. Tell me, please, if your sticker machine works on items cut from a catalog or a newspaper? I bought one after seeing how you use on so often, but I don’t know if thin paper will work. Thank you!

    • it does indeed work on thin papers, just a little harder to grab that backing and remove it, but it comes off very well once you get ahold of it

  2. Love the way this came together & that coloured flower looks excellent really catching the eye but still keeping to the vintage theme. I like that little envelope too – very neat plus it’s always so interesting to have images extending off the ATC itself but then trimmed to fit. The inked edges unify the whole so well too.

    • I am looking for creative opportunities to use some of the little pieces of art that have been sent to me. that started with Zen-untangled and I find it is creeping its way into the other areas of my art as well <3

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