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Easy project today. The Creative Crafty Friends prompt was adventure! I pulled out some collage sheets and was flipping through with no solid idea in mind when I came across this wonderful photo I was able to turn into a fun adventure ATC. Let me show you!

Looks like adventure to me! What do you think? Studio Light has these wonderful pages of images called Punched Sheets. This car was on one of the pages, I punched it out and trimmed the sides with my paper trimmer. The width was perfect for a 2.5″ x 3.5″ ATC but I needed some help on the height.

This piece of scrapbook paper was just laying there in the drawer and it seemed to be the right colors.

Before I attached the two pieces, I finally remembered to ink the edges of the focal piece first. Yay me! Using a black Archival ink pad. Then I used a cattail Dyestress Ink Pad to add a little scuffing on the surface to make the car look even older and aged.

Then came the attaching. Haha! I slid the car all the way flush right and attached the pieces together with scor tape.

After trimming the left hand side, I added some inking around the bottom added piece. Just a little to start with until I saw what the overall piece would look like complete.

I needed some way to tie this to the theme of ‘adventure’ and this word block was perfect! I don’t recall where I got this particular sheet. I think it was a free thing with a purchase. The strip is thick like chipboard. I inked those edges with the cattail color and adhered it to the grill of the car.

I finished the piece by going back around the entire ATC with more black ink on the edges and probably more scuffed on the front because that just seems to happen. Here in Maine the snow is finally – thank you, Lord – gone! And the trees are starting to show new life. Mark and I went for a ride this morning, on an adventure of our own, and it made me think of this little car! Hopefully you can find time to make an adventure of your own. <3

10 thoughts on “Time For Adventure

  1. Hopefully, your weather will continue to improve and you can go on many adventures. If not, you can always make more wonderful adventures like this one!

  2. Perfect image for the theme. Glad you were able to get out at for a bit. Here restrictions are easing a little & people can travel to go for a walk or be out more than once a day for leisure, also they’re allowed to sit on a bench for a bit. All now permitted providing the 2m distance is observed.

    • I don’t think it will be long before Maine starts getting back to ‘normal’. we haven’t had that many cases here in Maine, being as isolated as we are. I’m really thankful for that isolation now. stay safe there, Evy, glad you are able to do a little more outdoors now. it really helps

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