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Not long ago I showed you the paper bag book I made for our swap group. Everyone designs these books differently with the one constant feature being the book is built literally of paper bags. Today I want to show you the book I received from Karen Rushton. I absolutely love it and I think you can figure out why as you look through the pages. 

Karen’s cover. And she used alcohol inks! Yes! I loved it instantly. 

Karen took full advantage of those pockets created by the opening side of the bags. I like how she tangled portions and left plenty of space for me to create as well. And there are dragons!!! The two loose pieces were tucked inside the bag opening. And one is alcohol ink! And a hidden Mickey!

We are learning these tangle patterns in Tangle All Around right now. Love that mandala Karen made!

Isn’t her watercolor bird cool! Can’t wait to tangle it!

And a gold mine page! Hahaha! Dragons! I love them all! And that beautiful flower and the tile and ephemera papers. This book is going to be so much fun for me! I really like the quotes, too. I am totally a quote or sayings person.

And Karen remembered I love steampunk! Actually this may be the first page I work on.

Quirky birds are fun! And I can make four because Karen gave me four watercolor blobs to make them with! And another dragon to tangle! Yes!

And another dragon found in Karen’s watercolor blob. Cool! I love the tangled flower too! Karen, you inspire me with your fabulous paper bag book!

Karen included some wonderful pieces in this book! Even these three circles will turn into some tangled art. I plan on working in this book starting today. It is going to be so much fun! I can’t say thank you enough, Karen! <3

8 thoughts on “Paper Bag Book From Karen

  1. How lovely, you will have so much fun with that

    Thanks for sharing

    Jenny X

  2. I can see how special this is for you – so much of you has been lovingly put into the creation for you to continue & complete the little project. What a lovely thoughtful gift.

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