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Living in Maine, being an ocean lover takes on a little different meaning from when I lived in Florida. Bar Harbor, Maine, is a beautiful location. I spent a week at a bed and breakfast there last year, taking photographs and walking and eating and drawing, well, you get the idea. I had a great time! Creative Crafty Friends’ ATC prompt for the day was beach and it brought back some great memories.

I felt this gelli print would make a suitable base for my ATC. Reminiscent of sunlight on the water in late afternoon.

Studio Light has some great punch out collage elements. I really like this layered one, it just felt like Bar Harbor to me. Each sheet has about twenty punch out pieces and costs just $1.42 – what a deal! I ran this piece through the sticker machine to get it ready to adhere.

This is what pieces look like straight out of the sticker machine. You just smooth the whole thing down with your hand and remove that top piece of clear plastic. When you peel the element off the backing – boom! instant sticker with glue and everything!

Of course I thought my ATC was a little lacking in layers. And texture. Don’t you love this little ATC stencil? Made specifically for ATC creating fun!

I used the stencil, a finger dabber and the cattail color of the Dyestress Ink Pads to add some watery swirls across the top. I was shooting for subtlety.

From that same Studio Light line, I pulled out a couple more pieces to include. Does it matter that the star fish is hanging out over the edge of the ATC? No, not at all. I have scissors! Hahaha!

I added a couple more pieces down the right hand side. And lobbed the end of the shell off where it stuck over the edge.

Jane’s Paint Over Pens added some quick and easy details. Nothing fancy. I am aiming for making these ATCs in about 15 minutes or less each day.

I liked how my little ATC looked, it just needed to be pulled together to finish it off. I used my Tahiti color from the Dyestress Ink Pad line to ink the edges. There might even be a little cattail along that bottom edge. I am starting to fall behind with the prompts. Too many things on my plate. But I did fit in some time for this . . .

First time we have seen them in two months. Mark and I have been social distancing at home but family is family and I missed them all. The Frankles and I had a great time playing Animal Crossing on our Switches. She brought hers and we played in her town. It was great! Stay safe, people. Hugs!

10 thoughts on “Ocean Lover

    • I have missed them. The frankles and I played a video game for a long time. It was great.

  1. Love this one! Beaches are beautiful in Maine, but you are right, they are different then FL. I miss my yearly trips to ME to see my grand parents. We would go to Reid State Park and then eat lobster at Five Islands, closer to Portland. Loved your ocean scene. Glad you got to see family. We Just did the same thing with my family. Stay safe!

    • Portland is a beautiful area! if you ever get back up here we will have to meet up somewhere

  2. It’s always so effective when the eye is led off the edge by an element, the brain sort of adds to the image somehow so you see the whole in the mind. Love the way that aqua colour is picked up in the words as well as the flower & the brown adds such an un unexpected dimension to the sea but really works .I particularly like the dimension of that starfish you added – combined with the images in the focal ‘picture’ you really sense the roundness of those arms.

    • thanks, Evy, I like working off the edge. and glad to hear the color worked like I wanted them to. this was a fun piece – I still feel like it could have used ‘more’ but I’m good with how it turned out

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