Hitting the Trails


The ATV trails in Maine are finally open! Mark’s comment during our first ride was “Social distancing doesn’t get any better than this!” Yesterday we rode 40 miles with the temps in the mid 60s. A little brisk but we did not see the first bit of snow. Spring has arrived!

During winter, Mark was able to take the snow mobile out for one ride. After his hip replacement surgery, he said he just didn’t feel comfortable on the snow mobile any longer. What to do? We traded that baby in for a new ATV. A really nice ATV and yesterday we had her maiden voyage. So to speak. Just down the road from our house. Forty miles round trip.

The first thing you should notice is the absence of snow. All the piles have melted and mud season was really short this year. These trees literally green up almost over night. It is crazy how fast the change happens when it does. Just two weeks ago we got 12 inches of snow in one day. Now it is totally gone.

This rock/gravel/dirt road goes on for a long time! (This is the actual road we live on – but we have pavement where we are.)

I almost missed this tree. Not sure what kind it is but it has tiny white flowers all over it already.

Every time we cross this little bridge I expect to see a moose in that water taking a nice long drink. And every time I am disappointed. So far.

Just getting into the windmill/turbine area. I love having them so close where we can ride and see them. Some people complain about the noise they make, but honestly they don’t make much noise at all.

Then Mark decided to try this trail. Hahahahahaha!

Not much of a trail but we wanted to put the new off-road vehicle through the paces. And Mark knows how much I love the windmills. I couldn’t take many photos, though, I was trying not to lose my phone.

Mount Katahdin still has snow on it and will for probably another month.

The little streams here are clear – you can see all the way to the bottom.

I was just amazed with all the green and blue! After all the white!

Our destination. Pleasant Lake. One of Mark’s favorite fishing spots. This is at the boat ramp. The white you see across the water surface is the sun shining on the ripples of water.

I was really pleased my cell phone could catch those white lights.

That’s it. Not much there. He says it is a beautiful lake and that one day we will go in the boat together and I can take a real camera. Hahaha!

Maine has a big system of ATV trails that winds through the entire state. We passed 40 or so ATVs yesterday. The trails are well marked.

We even came across this really pretty golf course. And there wasn’t a soul out playing golf. All that beautiful and no one but us to appreciate it.

We did find a bit of paved road we rode on for a mile or two.

But this wasn’t on a paved road. It was on one of the trails. I thought it was funny to find this out in the woods.

And on the ride back home.

The whole time we were riding I was getting messages from the Frankles. Wanting me to play Animal Crossing with her. This video game is really cool – she and I can play together even when we are miles apart. She needed a particular kind of wood to make something and wanted me to come play in her town and bring wood.

When we got home, she and I played and I took her wood. And made trips back to my town to get her some money, a super hero mask, and a crown. Hahahaha! This is in her house. I love the walls she got! That is my character in the back waiting patiently – don’t you love the buffalo plaid shirt and the bear paw shoes? And that is the Frankles in the Nintendo super hero costume and the pink ranger helmet – sending me a note on the cell phone. All the tanks hold her various pets. Bugs and fish. And they all have names, too!

And that’s it from our house to yours. Have a super week!

12 thoughts on “Hitting the Trails

  1. Beautiful! 🥰❣️🥰 sounds like an awesome day all around.

  2. Beautiful up there!
    Cute game y’all are playing too!

    • it’s fun because we can play anytime, whether we are together or not

  3. Had to google ATV!! Now I understand why you were trying to hold on to your phone. The scenery is stunning & I can see why you love going for such treks with Mark – take care both of you whilst out on those rides. Looks like you made a good move with the snowmobile & amazing that Mark can manage those rides on the ATV with his hip – so good that he’s mobile again.

    • he has risen for the past 3 days. almost 80 miles total. and we can sit next to each other in this ATV, instead of one in front and one behind. that means I can see better and take more pictures 🙂

  4. Gorgeous photos of your day ride!!! And what fun to play games long-distance with your granddaughter! 🙂

    • it is fun playing with her little 7 year old self. hahaha! she’s a hoot!

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