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Kathryn Costa of True North Arts has an awesome new stencil available at StencilGirl Products. Today’s post comes almost verbatim from her website where Kathryn introduces “The Four Gates Mandala” that can be used to cultivate loving-kindness, compassion, peace, and joy. What catches my eye with this stencil is all the possibilities it opens up for the tangle and color artist.

The Four Gates Mandala stencil by Kathryn Costa is inspired by the traditional mandala and yantra art from the Hindu and Buddhist culture. Many wisdom traditions work with the four directions representing the four elements of air, water, fire, and earth. This stencil can also be used to create the Chakana, also known as the Inca Cross, from the Peruvian tradition. Some additional geometric shapes and symbols provide even more design possibilities including the ouroboros, infinity symbol, Chinese Yin Yang, and the OM symbol.

This stencil pairs well with Kathryn Costa’s Chakra Stencils, also available on StencilGirl.

Looking at these art samples made using Kathryn’s new stencil shows us the infinite number of possibilities we can create with the Four Gates Mandala Stencil. The diagram at the right of each image shows you which parts of the stencil were traced to build the design.

Kathryn’s stencil designs take the math, careful measuring and planning out of drawing the sacred geometry. Since you can quickly and easily get the bones of the design drawn using the stencil, you can spend more time adding your own creative flair with tangles and colors. This stencil is a powerful tool that can be used for relaxation, healing and creating (manifesting) a life that you love.

You can see all of Kathryn’s stencil by clicking here.

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    • Actually this is all kathryn’s art but I have my stencil ordered.

  1. Another COVID 19 Purchase. Lots of stencils coming my way. I hope you get a discount!!!! LOL

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