How’s that for a title? Hahahaha! Today’s ATC brought to you straight from the cemetery and all things creepy. That’s for sure! It is today’s ATC prompt and that is the only reason I made it. Not my thing normally, but fun for today.

When I read Creative Crafty Friends‘ prompt list and saw today called for a creepy ATC, I thought about the only set of pictures I had that might work. Joggles has a collage sheet with these crazy eyeball guys on it, I got it to have on hand for just in case. And today was just in case. That black cat and the owl are about as creepy as I normally get. Hahaha! These are the elements I thought might work. I especially liked the ‘Our Adventures’ one. Hahahaha!

You know the drill. Black Archival ink pad was used to ink the edges and add scuff marks. Those white/blue scuffs were already part of the scrapbook paper I used for the background.

Realizing that an ATC is 2.5″ x 3.5″ and this little guy only fills a lower corner, you can see that this is a little piece of paper. Not huge the way it seems on your screen. When I inked the edges in black, the background just kind of popped out like it was glowing. Creeeeeppppyyyy!!!

My Korean dictionary page already had sticker backing, so I removed that and added it in place. All the black ink was added afterwards.

I realize the cat covers most of the dictionary page, but that’s ok. The cat art and the owl art you will see in a minute came from a company called Retro CafĂ© Art. They have great collage elements.

OK, this guy reminds me of Mad-Eye Moody in Harry Potter. Hahahahaha! So I am going to call him Mad-Eye! He got shoved through the sticker machine head first, then trimmed up with tiny little scissors. And popped into place. Way to show up, Mad-Eye!

The last two pieces balance out the whole ATC. And I used a whole lot of black ink on everything because that’s creepy, too! Tomorrow’s prompt is a little more friendly. Hahaha! We will be heading to the beach for that one!

On a happier note, look what came in the mail today!!!!! Yayayayayayay!!!! Bobblehead Funko Pop Baby Yoda. Silly people think his name is The Baby. Isn’t he adorable?????

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