Contented Spirit


Creative Crafty Friends has something really cool going on right now! We are making one ATC a day all month long. At the end of the month we will have thirty small pieces of art that we have created ourselves. And we will have more confidence in our abilities as ATC artists. The admins have given us a list of prompts. Today’s assignment was butterfly.

I began in my usual orderly manner. Hahahaha! By throwing it all on the desktop! I brought out two sheets of Joggles butterflies (and later realized one sheet was actually dragonflies) and a stack of backgrounds I had already colored ahead of time. I was hoping a color combination would grab my eye.

The background I chose to use is a piece of Bristol from Hahnemühle. I believe the colors are Tombow brush pens used as watercolors. As far as butterflies, this was the only one that would actually fit well on my ATC so this is the one I chose. Hahahahaha! I ran it through the sticker machine. That excess you see sticking out is the paper backing.

My next step was to make an ink decision. I don’t always show you the ink pad but I thought you might like to actually see these Dyestress ink pads. Really cool fact about them. The underside is recessed so these ink pads stack one on top of the other. I store these in a drawer in my desk. In the space of one ink pad – which is about 3″ in diameter – I can store six ink pads because I can stack them that high in my drawer.

This Tahiti color worked so well in bringing out the blue in the card. Green and yellow and blue reminded me of outdoors where my butterfly would be flying.

I really needed to narrow down my options. At 2.5″ x 3.5″, an ATC doesn’t have a lot of space and that butterfly would take up probably half of it.

I like adding layers when I can. This scrap of music paper was leftover from an earlier project and already had a sticker backing, so I removed the backing and put it in place. I used the Tahiti ink to finish these edges, then realized I needed to tie the color of the music paper in to the rest of the ATC. I brought out my cattail Dyestress pad and added a little around the edges, but also scuffed some over parts of the surface. Grunged it up a bit and then it all tied together.

I removed the backing from the butterfly and popped him in place. The flower is from a package I just love! They are all so pretty! I have been hoarding these and use them infrequently.

All that was left was to add a sentiment. I am really happy that I get to keep this ATC for myself. I never have time to make them for myself. That’s one bonus from this pandemic. I get to make art for me. And by doing this challenge I can:

  • make it be part of The 100 Day Challenge,
  • make it count for the Creative Crafty Friends challenge, and
  • you get a for sure blog post every day this month.
  • Hahahahahaha!

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10 thoughts on “Contented Spirit

  1. So cool! Wish I had scrapbooking stuff to do these….something for the future! Will love seeing these daily!

    • thanks, kris, they really don’t take much since they are so small. and fun to do!

  2. So interesting hearing the process you go through. ATCs are such fun & were part of my initial introduction to crafting, that’s where I discovered I enjoyed stamping & it all developed from there – tangling dropped into that mix & the rest is history……… I digress!!
    I’m glad you get to keep these. I’d never have thought of using those colours but it’s amazing how the yellow picks up on the warmth of the brown in the butterfly image & the cattail scuffs echo the butterfly’s dark browns, then sort of bridge between the deep brown & the deep pink. Maybe it’s just my funny old eyes that get imaginative…..

    • your eyes aren’t old. hahahahah! I love your comments you send me. you tie the art pieces all together so that they make sense.

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