Paper Bag Book From Karen


Not long ago I showed you the paper bag book I made for our swap group. Everyone designs these books differently with the one constant feature being the book is built literally of paper bags. Today I want to show you the book I received from Karen Rushton. I absolutely love it and I think… Continue Reading

Vintage ATC


Creative Crafty Friends currently has a list of ATC prompts for each day of May. I am having a hard time fitting them all into my schedule, but have been able to do quite a few of them. When I saw the prompt for vintage I wasn’t sure I wanted to do that one. Vintage… Continue Reading

The 100 Day Project Update


It has been some time since I showed you my 100 Day Project pieces. This year I am making an art piece each day with whatever happens to be on my desktop at the time. That might be a piece of tangled art, it might be a piece of mixed media. Not a lot of… Continue Reading

Hitting the Trails


The ATV trails in Maine are finally open! Mark’s comment during our first ride was “Social distancing doesn’t get any better than this!” Yesterday we rode 40 miles with the temps in the mid 60s. A little brisk but we did not see the first bit of snow. Spring has arrived! During winter, Mark was… Continue Reading

Zen-untangled! Week 19


We are rolling right along with the Zen-untangled! project where we are learning all 170 Zentangle patterns. As we learn, we are creating keepsake treasure books we can one day pass down to teach the art of the tangle to one of our loved ones! Here are my week 19 pages. On each set of… Continue Reading

A Little Peek


Working on a dead line with a project I hope to share soon. In the meantime, here is a look into some other things I’ve been working on. Any ideas what it might be? Hope to be making a full post on something tomorrow. Hahahaha!

Time For Adventure


Easy project today. The Creative Crafty Friends prompt was adventure! I pulled out some collage sheets and was flipping through with no solid idea in mind when I came across this wonderful photo I was able to turn into a fun adventure ATC. Let me show you! Looks like adventure to me! What do you… Continue Reading

Mixed Media Jigsaw Puzzle


Fun post for you today! I took a plain white jigsaw puzzle I had on hand and put it through the color works. A little bit of everything and I then had a fun, colorful, bright puzzle to put together while I was thinking about what to do next. Hahahah! A little trouble focusing these… Continue Reading

Zen-untangled! Week 18 is Here!


It is hard to believe we are already up to week 18 in the project Zen-untangled! The tangles this week are really good, especially Tripoli. I was finally able to draw it and have it look like someone older than a second grader did it! Hahahaha! Not even kidding! (No offense to second graders intended.)… Continue Reading

World Unity


Collage and art journal elements come from a variety of places. In today’s post you will see me use a simple clothing tag to tie together a two page journal spread with a common theme. World unity. Something we really need more of. These two art journal pages were made for a swap. Of course…. Continue Reading