The 100 Day Project, #5 – 14


The 100 Day Project is in full swing and so far I am keeping up. The thought behind the project is to make a piece of art every day for one hundred days in a row. It is a daunting process because it goes on for so long. I have completed the project the past two years. This time around I am taking it one day at a time and will be thankful for the days I get art completed. Let me show you my past ten days of work.

Some of these pieces you may have already seen. On day 5 I worked on some twinchies for a swap. Six spring themed bits of 2″ x 2″ sized pieces of art. Small but powerful. All six of these were made using Bamboo mixed media paper from Hahnemühle and collage elements from Joggles.

Day 6 was an art journal page in my medium Leda sketchbook. I love how she turned out, all fierce looking! The color background was iZink dye sprays, something new I was trying out.

On day 7, I tried a variation of the tangle cadent. It is being called crazy cadent, I couldn’t tell you why, though. Hahaha! It was fun to do but my hand just doesn’t want to draw those curvy lines that well. The color is Miya Watercolors, the tile is a Tile from Hahnemühle.

This one was so much fun to draw! For day 8, I used a YouTangle. art Tile and some Miya Arts Crayons for color. Though you can’t see it here, that blue line surrounding the rock n’ roll was filled in with a Wink of Stella glitter brush pen.

Day 9 – another Tile – I used the patterns printemps and loop screen. This tile was pre-colored some time ago. Sorry, I can’t remember what I used for color.

Day 10 used a 3″ square of Bamboo mixed media paper from Hahnemühle. That crazy background color is Marabu Easy Marble – so much fun to play with!

Another easy marble bamboo piece for day 11. I love these rabbit collage pieces from Joggles. You have seen several of them over the past month or so.

Day 12 is another 2″ square of Bamboo mixed media and a collage element from Joggles. Sometimes I use magazine pictures, sometimes dinner napkins, catalogs are another great source for collage elements.

On day 13, I returned to tangling, using printemps and diva dance rock n’ roll. I thought about doing all 100 days using these two patterns but figured I would probably hate them both before it was over. Hahahaha!

And day 14 brings us through the first two weeks of the project. On a tile, the colors are from Tombow brush pens. Tangles are bales, purk and printemps because I pretty much always use printemps when I draw. Now to think about what I want to do today for day 15. I am thinking maybe an art journal page. Hmmmmm.

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10 thoughts on “The 100 Day Project, #5 – 14

  1. I’m glad to see you joined the 100 Days again. I probably should, because I pretty much do art every day, but I already have so many tags, I hate to add another one.

    • We will see how far I get. Hopefully I can hang in there for the duration hahaha!

  2. These are all just fantastic, Alice! I am always delighted and amazed with how you use color from so many different sources. Because you inspire me so, I actually have labeled a shoe-sized box “Ephemera” and have stashed lots of small + some medium & larger pieces of paper from all kinds of sources. Someday … I will grab one of the many unused journals I have … and just dive in!!! Meanwhile, thanks for showing your art almost every day! <3

    • That makes me very happy. Glad I can inspire you. It really is easier when you have some of the elements collected ahead of time.

  3. I’m really out of the loop with blog reading lately, sorry. But I do pass by from time to time. And just wanted to give you a cheer from the sidelines for being brave enough to take on the 100 Project again. Fun to see you bringing both your collage and tangling approaches to your daily pieces. Always amazing how much you can cram onto a twinchie isn’t it!?

    • it is for sure, Jem, I am enjoying the twinchies. and as far as the project goes – one day at a time and see what happens. no pressure this year.

  4. Your Day 7 Crazy Cadent with the blue & highlighted centres on the orange background is very striking & I love the way that little spot of white in the background to the right is echoed in each of those centre highlights. The blue line surrounding the Diva Dance Rock n’ Roll is terrific in Day 8. In Day 9 it’s your use of the white pen juxtaposed with black for Loop Screen that caught my eye. You seem to be enjoying the project this year without the pressure.

    • I am enjoying it this time. knowing it doesn’t have to be tangling, but any art at all. that works for me. thanks for following along. love you!

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