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Lately I’ve been using my Copic brush markers a lot! When I found a certain combination of colors that worked well for me, I needed a way to remember which colors I used. So I could replicate them when I chose to. Hahnemühle‘s Sketch Diary to the rescue! Today’s post is a little different from what you are used to seeing here. No step by step tutorial showing how to put a project together. Today I want to bring you inside my Sketch Diary and show you some awesome color combos you could use in your art as well.

All you need is access to a printer, a tape runner or glue stick and the Sketch Diary. A nice feature of this book – the page on the left has lines. The page on the right is blank. I showed you in a previous post how I utilized this book to track the supplies I used in making specific projects. The lines were important for that idea. For my Copic color cheats, the lines are not that important. I’ve been working on ATCs a lot recently. Small pieces of art. As I color the digital stamps with my Copics, I keep a running swatch list of the colors I use. Then all I need to do to record those colors is to print a copy of the art, trim it out and adhere it and the color list to the page. Easy.

The one thing I keep coming back to are skin tones. When you find a combination that works, why reinvent the wheel? Just pull the book out and look it up. I thought I’d show you several pages in case any of you are wanting to try your Copics and need a little push with some color suggestions.

Some of these you haven’t seen yet. I’m working ahead in my Zen-untangled! journal. Trying to stay ahead of the pack, so to speak. Hahahaha! I am certain you can think of many more ways to put the Sketch Diary to work in your every day art. I have plenty more ideas of my own!

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10 thoughts on “Sketch Diary From Hahnemühle

  1. I’ve got a Moleskine dedicated to colours & have a whole load of Copic colour combos swatched there from eons ago. One day I’ll get round to referring to them!! Love how you include a mini image of what you worked on when you made the swatches.

    • yes, a moleskin would be ideal for this, too! I wish I could thumb through your color book!

  2. Think I’ve commented here & it’s awaiting moderation but I feel asleep over the computer in the middle of it so who knows!! Time I was in bed but I wanted to catch up with your posts. I’ve got a whole load of copic colour combos in a Moleskine but not with coloured images which is a super idea. I just had a list of suggested ones & tried them out categorising under the predominant Copic colour family.

    • yes, I have to approve all comments before they post. I can keep out the spammers and nuisance folks that way 🙂

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