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Alcohol ink makes some of the prettiest pieces of art! And there are as many ways to use the inks as there are people working with them. I still have so much to learn about these beautiful colors! Today I want to show you how an absolute mess was turned into a wonderful save that hangs on the wall in my studio now.

This piece began with five colors of alcohol ink that I dropped randomly over the surface of my 5″ x 7″ piece of Yupo paper. I had just gotten some new colors and wanted to see what they looked like. Not loving it and not feeling inspired, I brought out a blending tool with a pad attached and started dropping dots of color right onto the tool pad itself.

Next I took the blending tool and started stamping it all over the paper. Sometimes I turned the tool, and I added more colors when I needed them. Still, I was not loving it.

Not letting that deter me, I added more color right onto the paper itself. No blending tool this time. And what a yucky mess I had! There was only one place on this whole piece that I actually liked. What to do next? I hate throwing things away! Remember Dad-ism 101?

Ah! Alcohol. I got my fine liner bottle filled with isopropyl alcohol and proceeded to add some of that to the mix.

Can you make out the squiggly line of alcohol I added? All across the entire paper. And I waited to let the alcohol work and figure out what to do next. It’s a learning process. When one thing fails, try something else.

I liked it better than to begin with, but I still didn’t like it! And there was way too much wet on the surface! So I took a paper towel and placed it over everything and blotted. I mean, what could it hurt? Right? Had I ever used a paper towel with alcohol ink? No. Not ever. Never even thought about it.

I removed the paper towel and just waited for this mess to dry. And when it was totally dry, this is what I had. And I loved it!!! Still do! And it is now in a frame and hanging in my studio to remind me . . . nothing is ever so broken that it can not be fixed. Dad-ism 101. Thank you, Daddy!

Alcohol inks are one of my favorite art supplies to work with and experiment. There are a lot of techniques I do not know yet but I do not let that stop me from playing and having fun!

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  1. Brilliant lesson here – turning a ‘mis-take’ into an opportunity. What a super reminder to have on your wall too. Do take care of yourself.

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