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You already know how much I love color! Making color in almost any media just makes my day. Yesterday I was having a little trouble getting anything accomplished – like many of you are right now – so I turned to a favorite product. Alcohol ink. Specifically Marabu Alcohol Inks. In this post I want to walk you through two simple techniques involving the use of isopropyl rubbing alcohol with your favorite alcohol ink.

I began with a small sheet of Ranger’s Alcohol Ink Cardstock and five different colors in the Marabu line. Working on a dry piece of cardstock, I shook out dots of color randomly all over the paper.

Next I took my bottle of isopropyl alcohol and squeezed out a squiggly line of alcohol from one lower corner to the opposite upper corner. You can see the colors were already starting to move and blend, making new colors and intensifying others.

I used my new Tim Holtz alcohol ink blower and moved that color and alcohol around the surface of my paper, adding a few drops of color here and there where needed. Then sat it aside to dry.

Once dry, the colors are a little softer, the edges in some places a little more defined. I may just put this one in a frame and hang it on my wall. Remember in this technique we worked from dry to wet.

In this second project, I worked wet and skipped that whole dry step. I began with a squiggly line of alcohol, then shook in my colors. This time I skipped the purple and went with pink, blue, green and yellow. Marabus are great for shaking drops. Just make them randomly all over the card.

I used my air blower tool and pushed the alcohol and color all over the card until I reached a point I liked. That messy background? That is my plastic cake spinner from Walmart. I work on it so I can spin my tile as I squeeze the air to push color. If one side needs more work, I just spin the cake plate till I am where I need to be.

You can see the cake spinner better here. Marabu has some really nice metallics and I thought this piece of art could use a touch of gold. So I just shook out a bunch of drops all over. Be sure to shake the bottle up really well first.

Hard to get in a photograph, but all those little dots are ringed with gold. And I loved it, so I sat this aside to dry.

Same piece dry, colors softened and photo taken in natural lighting from the window in my studio. This has to be one of my favorite alcohol ink pieces I’ve ever done! So maybe I need a double photo frame! Hahaha! I hope you will give it a try!

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