Zen-untangled! Week 10


It’s week ten in Zen-untangled! The project that sees us working through all 170 patterns designed by the zentangle folks. Pretty epic things are being accomplished by many, many tanglers. Let me show you my week ten.

We are working our way through the project in my Facebook group Tangle All Around. Each week I give them seven patterns, a string, and a challenge. I am having a ball with the project! I am making a keepsake treasure book and I am trying to incorporate pieces of art I have received from friends. This sweet little watercolor bird was made by Christine Reyes. She used a fan brush to get those lines/texture around the fringes of the bird. And he is ‘our’ colors – mine and Christine’s – blue and purple. That strip with the words ‘week 10’ stamped on it is from a page I made for More Tangle Starts.

That’s another piece of the same page there in the middle. The piece of bright, colorful art is from Robin Mead. I wish I could find a pen that wrote better on these pages. I love Robin’s work! So pretty and full of life!

The card in the middle is one I made as part of an online class called 52 You. It started out strong and seemed to grind to a halt this month. Not sure if the instructor lost her focus or if next month will get better. Either way I am loving making these cards! I am enjoying working the patterns, too. Figuring out how to make them all fit in the spaces and how to make them look nice is fun.

For this week’s string, I went with the triangular 3Z tile. We hadn’t used one yet and it really is fun to work with. Small area but you can pack a lot of punch into it. That background is a painted page I made in Artfully Inspired Life, a Joanne Sharpe class. I don’t always take up four pages each week, but this week I just wanted to. Zen-untangled! You can find it by clicking here.

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8 thoughts on “Zen-untangled! Week 10

    • thanks, Priscilla, I am having fun putting them together. I enjoy just sitting and flipping through it

  1. Interesting to see how you combined Arukas with Spoken in your tile. I do like the way that dragonfly’s wings echo the elements of Spoken on its spread. This seems to be the last notification I have from you so I’m going hunting for more posts………..

    • yes, my mail service appears to be broken again. I’ve been working with MailPoet trying to get it fixed. this covid19 is making things harder due to less workers and more wait time on the lines. I don’t know if this time it will get fixed or not. it is really discouraging

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