Tiptoe Through the Daisies


Yet again I have been having problems with my mail service. They have been trying to help me but the problem has eluded us. My mail service is located in Italy and France, and you know what is happening there these days. MailPoet did just run an update on their program, so I am hoping this takes care of my problems. This is my experimental post to see.

Creative Crafty Friends has put mailing swaps on hold for now. This past few weeks have given me a chance to get caught up. One of the swaps I participated in was called Altered Playing Cards. Did you know that a standard sized playing card is the same exact size as an ATC? Or think in terms of a baseball card. Same size – 2.5″ x 3.5″. We took four playing cards and basically made ATCs with them. For this one I used a piece of Ciao Bella rice paper from Joggles with my card. You can see it has a big crease right through the middle of it. Because it has a mulberry paper base it also has threads running through the paper. None of that will matter. I began with a piece a little larger than my playing card. 

Using my silicone paint spatula, I swiped on a good layer of Dina Wakley’s clear gesso to the front of the card. If I was adhering a piece of paper – like a dictionary scrap – I wouldn’t need my gesso this thick. The rice paper requires a bit more of the gesso, hence the thicker layer. 

Next I placed the rice paper right on top of the card and added a layer of gesso over the front of the rice paper. I used my heat gun to dry and prevent a lot of wrinkles. With the threads running through the paper I figured I had enough texture already. Then I wrapped the leftover paper around to the back and gessoed it into place. You can see I did a bang-up job on those corners! Hahahahaha! 

I had the hardest time getting a photo with the true colors on this piece. The front is still wet a little in this picture. I continued using the heat tool until the whole piece was dry. I could have let it dry naturally but I am big time impatient.

See what I mean about the colors? Actually this is close to the true colors in the paper. This is totally dry. You can see the threads running through the paper – across and side to side. Awesome texture. 

You know how much I love these Dyestress ink pads. I think I have like 12 of them in different colors. I used the scuba color along the edges and I scuffed some across bits of the texture on the surface. I really like grunge. Grunge and flowers, apparently 🙂 . 

I found these two pieces to go with my playing card. The flowered piece is actually a scrapbook tag that Hobby Lobby used to sell in a pad and I ran it through the sticker machine. Those words are from a really old rub-on word sheet. If you haven’t used rub-on words before, you just use a popsicle stick and rub over the acetate sheet on top of the words and it adheres the words to whatever is underneath. 

I trimmed out the daisy elements I wanted to use, removed the sticker backing and popped them in place. Then used the fruit punch color of Dyestress ink along some of the edges. 

I trimmed out the daisy elements I wanted to use, removed the sticker backing and popped them in place. Then used the fruit punch color of Dyestress ink along some of the edges. 

Hope this made its way into your inbox. Hope someone actually sees this. Hahaha! If so, please stay safe. Better days are coming. 

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4 thoughts on “Tiptoe Through the Daisies

  1. I had to come searching your blog, I’ll let you know if the notification turns up tomorrow.
    The rice paper is gorgeous & those rub ons worked beautifully on the angle.

    • I am really getting discouraged with the mail not going out. I know I need to be patient. everyone in the world is internetting so it is bound to be an issue. trying to think of ways I can get my posts out there without a website.

  2. Beautiful work, I also sought it out because I noticed I hadn’t gotten mail from you in a few days. Don’t worry now that we know there is a problem we will come here.

    • thanks, Susan, this may be the new way of finding me. because I can not for the life of me figure out how to fix the problem.

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